05 March 2007

Speaking words of wisdom....

So I found some old blogs that I would rather have here since it's not all crazy lame-ish like LJ and the 'space'. Eventually this too will become boring, maybe. This one was like from 3 years ago but it still makes sense and applies today. And amazingly enough the person I aimed it at is still trying to old on tight to a hand full of sand.

These words of wisdom are for those sad lonely women out there: Psycho, paranoid women that try to rush relationships will never be able to have a long term relationship. Grow up, stop trying to control people or blame them for your hangups. That’s for all those crazies that need medication and counseling that will read this and think, “I know that bitch is talking about me.” Well you are probably right! Get some meds and a psychiatrist. Maybe YOU really are the reason you are unhappy in relationships.

That was something I wrote after talking to this girl that I had not spoken to in years. She was my best friend, then mortal enemy. A few years later we started talking again. Then for some reason she got scared of me. I dunno why, I think she was a poop head and thought I would kill her for going all SWF on me. And yes, she porked my partner at the time too, lucky for him I don’t wear spiked heels (kinda makes me wish I had though, that fucker!).

I ran into a good friend of mine. Err she used to be and maybe we will be again. We were discussing evil and how I am a decaffeinated version of my old evil self. Well talking to her kinda awakened the evil in me just a tad. Take ‘annoying acquaintance’, for example, this person says that I am evil. Well, no, not really. However I do have the ability to be evil and run with it. See for now I let the annoyance be annoying because it doesn't really bother me. However, you bug enough and then I will say enough is enough. So here is the info I have on ‘annoying acquaintance’: I know where this person works, sleeps, eats, works out, what they drive, where they worship their version of god, what their child(ren) looks like, where their child(ren) attend(s) school and tons more. See with this information I CAN be evil. I stress CAN because I am not evil or being evil. As a friend told me evil is a frame of mind and the more I talk to her I remember just how much fun this frame of mind is. So, since above noted is in need of some drama as per their recent actions show I hope I will be able to fill the void in their life and give them some of the attention they so deserve and are asking for. Ugh that would be so time consuming though. And really why give them the satisfaction of knowing they got under my skin. It would be nice to stalk from a distance and see them squirm though. Just a thought....just a thought.

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