25 September 2009

Random pictures on my computer.

Some random pics I found on my computer. Enjoy! And no I don't care if the pictures are too huge, I didn't feel like resizing. So for your prying eyes and enjoyment, here ya go. This one is for balancing out the amount of not pretty pictures I am in. Hair combed, yes! Dress on, yes! Another girl in the photo, yes! So yeah I miss that dress.... I think I finally good willed it since I had no need to own it anymore.

Sometimes I wish I had big ears... Sometimes I wish hotels weren't so boring.

I probably shouldn't have been drinking this day. I think I was concussed.... My head hit the pavement pretty hard. But I felt great, least till the following day. Too many happy hours not enough time.

I miss the days of Fred times. Going to 7-11 at 3 AM to find the Apple Abba-Zaba's. I love how short I cut my bangs back then hahahahaa I look dumb I love it!

Awww little buddy fun times in LA. This was a blast, I still was too short for the picture but I tried.... While exhaling cig, we look so awesomely retarded. Some one get us a short bus!

I dunno why but I had to stop for the pic, even though the spelling isn't accurate. That whole weekend was not accurate. It was grimy, sweaty and super tiring.... I even had to stop part way home to trade driving.

I found the PacMan for my ghosties! Check out my cool face skid and fro head. I wonder if I was mistaken for a homeless.

Oh wow... words can not describe how amazing this restaurant was. The strangest things people must have heard. "Imma bummble bee bzzzZZzzzZ." "I eat glass n!gga!" "What's that fuzzy stuff on your pizza, is that cheese?" "No, no watch this, it won't break. *glass breaks all over the floor*" "Dude you guys we are gonna get kicked outta here." "Shhhh." "I am shhhh, eat your fuckin' pizza." We probably smelled like dirty hippie.... My feet were bloody and blistered. Bad weekend to break in my new shoes I guess hahahaaa. Plus I lost my socks. And none of us had a shower for like 3 days. Maybe four?

That's my party trick... no not the guy in the corner! The bottle on the wall.

Fred and his circus tricks.

Nocturnal was so much fun, I wish I coulda gone again. It was just this last weekend. I still have my Alice dress too. Maybe someday I can go again. For now I will just be happy with the two I have going on later this year.

I had this t-shirt that I ended up wearing till it fell apart. Is it wrong for me to find cuddling like Richard Ramirez a funny thing? I wish I had another one, interwebz should have it.

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