27 September 2009

Yet another thing I need an ID card for!

These days I end up finding more and more things I can't do. Yesterday I went on a store run for food... and my friend says, "Hey can you pick up some beer?" "Sure, no problem." As I walk off a third friend says, "Wait, I thought you didn't have an ID?" Oh yeah! I forgot, AGAIN!!! So needless to say my friend who wanted the beer came to the store with me. I felt so useless, I can't even run an errand for a friend because I have no ID. So stupid!

So this morning I hear that the November Playboy has Marge Simpson on the cover! I want it, I mean seriously I need it. And as I sit back thinking yea, I am gonna get one. And as I sat here thinking where I would go get one I realized, I can't! I can't get cigs, lighters, matches, beer, liquor, get porno OR drive even. So now I gotta ask someone to buy my porn for me. I mean really?! I have to ask everyone and their mother to help me out cause I got myself in trouble. I am starting to think that maybe a temp ID is in order. I just don't wanna dish out the cash for it. I will have to dish out cash for a restricted soon enough.

So if anyone has a subscription and doesn't want to keep their mag, toss it my way. Otherwise I am gonna have to ask someone to do the deed for me. Stupid stupid stupid loss of license. Now that I think of it I can't even go into the strip joint anymore. Ugh no ID shit is stupid. I wish I could look 50 already!

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