16 February 2010

I think my brain lives in another reality.

The person on the left there is Susie, she lives on Earth. But I am afraid to report that her brain lives in an alternate universe.

[08:56] susietron5000: so wheres the bday party?
[08:56] nemo470: saturday
[08:56] nemo470: at a mexican resteruant
[08:58] susietron5000: do they serve booze?
[08:58] susietron5000: or just food?
[08:58] nemo470: its byob
[09:00] susietron5000: at a restaurant?! what? thats crazy awesome!
[09:00] nemo470: lol
[09:00] nemo470: where else would they have byob?
[09:01] susietron5000: there is not one place that i know that lets you byob except for 2 restaurants… and you can only take wine and they have a corking fee.
[09:01] nemo470: oh
[09:01] nemo470: yea i can bring whiskey or beer or wine
[09:01] susietron5000: wtf?! i am going where you are NOW!
[09:02] nemo470: cool if you get here by saturday you can come to my party
[09:02] nemo470: :)
[09:03] susietron5000: hahahaa i need to go out there. stupid dui and taking all my earth monies
[09:03] nemo470: lol you have space money?
[09:04] susietron5000: yes
[09:04] susietron5000: for when i build my space helicopter
[09:05] susietron5000: i will use it for refueling and snacks
[09:05] nemo470: now you didnt buy it from somone on the street did you?
[09:05] nemo470: cuz most likely that is lsd
[09:05] susietron5000: and the space cantina
[09:05] susietron5000: no way dude i got it from the space banana bank down the street
[09:05] nemo470: lol

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