21 January 2010

Rainy rainbows today!

They escaped.... two of 'em even. Shitty cell phone pics not doing beauty it's proper justice.

While else where in Santa Maria my sister is shopping with my brother. Mind you my sister and I hate shopping so we usually convince someone to go with us. My brother also hates shopping but for other reasons. The ladies just won't leave him alone!

And... survey says:
Who are you currently texting?
Joey, we are discussing the addictive power of Cheeto Puffs.

Who was the last person to stay at your house?
That would be Joey.

Have you currently been having relationship problems?
I am not having relationship problems. That's a good thing.

Do you like the song Hey There Delilah?
I have no fucking idea what the hell that song is.

How was your weekend?
My weekend was fun, full of great fun times. And this weekend shall follow suit.

Who is a member of the opposite sex you tell most of your secrets to?
Bryan of course, that one is a no brainer. Not Bryan... the fact that I tell him most my secrets.

What's your MySpace profile song?
Sleeping Thieves by Golden Holy

Are you doing anything majorly important tomorrow?
Goin to work, going to a show in Lompoc and headin' down to Torrance.

When's your next test?
I would say in about 2 years when I have to resubmit my TB test to the district. We are required to take a TB test every two years.

How many text messages are in your inbox?
77 right now. Give it 2 minutes and it will be 78.

How often do you have a real smile on your face?
Mostly... I smile at all kinds of wrongness.

Where are your parents?
I dunno where my dad is, but I hope to know when he dies so I can have paid time off to "grieve" and by grieve I mean mini vacation. And I think my mom is working maybe?

What are you doing next weekend?
I dunno yet.

Are you worried about anything?
Yes, I am worried I might be pregnant. It's been 2 months since my last period and I think I might be the incubator for the antichrist. I should take a prenancy test or something. Nah!

At what age would you like to have a kid?
This question is stupid. I would not like to have any. Too many out there as it is and I am a piss poor retard that would forget the car seat on the roof of the car and drive off.

Do you ever think of your future?
All the time, I think of awesome destruction and the world in ruins.

A song that's stuck in your head?
Your Touch by The Black Keys

Are you looking forward to anything?
Yes, this weekend and getting away from Santa Malaria for a short moment.

When are you next going to a beach?
I'm not sure, the last two times I went it was very spur of the moment. I don't even like the beach!

Have you told the person you like how you feel?
I tell people exactly how I feel about them all the time. I like lots of people and they knows it.

Do you watch MTV?
Fuck that shit, I don't even watch TV.

When was the last time someone told you they love you?
In those exact words I dunno.

What are you wearing tomorrow?
Clothing... duh. I dunno what clothing cause I don't plan that shit out ever!

Are you already ready for summer?
I guess so, I get my raise and my vacation time in the summer. Oh yeah and my awesome epic birthday of fun5000 of course.

If you could paint your walls any color - what color would they be?
Uh I dunno they are fine the way they are.

When will you see your dad again?
Never I hope.

Do you ever wear skinny jeans?
Oh god no! Those things were hideous in every decade that they have sprouted.

Do you like the colored ones or just regular jean ones?

What are you craving at the moment?
Beer and a smokey treat.

Has anyone ever told you they'd be with you forever?
Yeah, forever is a long time. And unless both parties agree and never ever change their mind its not gonna happen. People's minds change just like people change.

Who are you currently mad or upset at?
Gabe because he is a douche bag!

Are you losing friends, or gaining them?
I dunno or care. All I know is the ones that matter are there, have always been and I hope will always be.

What saying do people always say that could drive you completely insane?
When people say "lol" "omg"... like they say it... typing yeah whatever thats fine. But when someone says "lol" wtf is that shit?! Unless you are trying to be silly but if not its ghey.

Are you more like your mom or your dad?
I dunno, I think neither cause they are both lame. But then again I am also lame, a different kind of lame but lame none the less.

Would you rather watch a scary movie or a chick flick?
Eh it could go either way depending on what the choice is.

Who was the last male you spoke to on the phone?
Bryan :)

Who was the last person who bugged you?
Bugged as in annoyed? I dunno I haven't been annoyed for quite a few days. Oh wait nevermind... the DUI class guy he insults my intelligence and is a total dunce.

Do you care about the past or are you totally over it?
The past has led me to where I am now, so I do care about it. But also I had to work through my past to have a successful and happy present.

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