21 December 2009

Not so great expectations...

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I am tired of watching people go in search of their perfect partner, their soul mate. It's sad watching all these people out there in search of something that does NOT exist. There is no such thing as a perfect partner because no one is perfect. It's this mind set and thinking that prompts people that are in current relationships to second guess themselves. It's this idealized phony concept of soul mate that drags down so many relationships.

People get to thinking how they could have someone better looking, smarter or be happier... and the whole time ignore what they have right in front of them. No one is willing to commit to their current relationship because we are in search of "perfect" or the next best thing. People with one foot out the door ready to run at the slightest notion of something better out there. So why is it that hordes of people continue to chase this retarded pipe dream called "soul mate"? I have no clue. Idiots!

That brings me to those people that refuse to let go of their current relationship, you know, just in case what they got going on the side falls through. It infuriates me to see people stay in a relationship of convenience while they are busy shopping for the next moron. It's common knowledge that after the 'honeymoon' phase the novelty of the relationship fades. Little things that were endearing, cute or funny are now becoming stale, annoying and angering. So then the mind set changes; people either end the relationship or start carrying on a little something on the side.

I want to know if people have such a piss poor time in their relationships, why do they continue on? Why do people break up/make up all the time? Glutton for punishment? Lack of follow through? Fear of not being in a relationship? I honestly don't know. When I have been unhappy in a relationship, I voice my unhappiness. I try to work on the things that could use improvement and hope things work for the best. If things continue to go sour, then it's time to call it quits, pack the bags and be done. There are no take backs or do overs in my book, that's childish and pathetic. It reminds me of high school relationships where people would break up one day but then the next day everything is okay. I don't take kindly to the yo-yo game.

I dunno I am just sick and tired of seeing people search so hard for a "perfect match" that they make themselves perfectly unhappy. Or people trying to undo and bring back something that was ruined, a failed relationship. I don't believe in soul mates or destiny or any of that crap. It's all fucking crap, just like there is no "perfect" person out there for anyone. But if anyone wants to read about soul mates (karmically speaking soul mates can mean more than just one person and as more than just lovers) here ya go:


.... geez I swear people need to learn more before putting so much faith and belief into something they don't really understand; like the concept of a soul mate.

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