10 June 2010

Things I could care less about.

From time to time, you sit around with your buddies for a nice sit down chat, talk shop or just vent a little. These activities are meaningful to me because I care about my friends, it gives me time to see what they are up to in their lives and I get to spend time with them. What I don't like is having to sit through excessive complaining of the mundane or listening to things that should be left unsaid.

*I don't care to hear about how long it has been since you had sex or how frequently you are having sex. I quite frankly don't care. If I was not having sex, I wouldn't be talking about how BADLY I needed it. If I am having sex, yes I do, thanks for asking. I shouldn't have to be like: "Hey, hey I had sex yesterday like three times." Cause I don't want to hear: "Hey, hey I haven't had sex in three days." Come on people it's just sex not crack.

*Your sex stories. I don't want to hear about you fisting the girl you took home last night, in the ass. I don't care to hear about every bulging vein on your guy's dick. No I don't care if you have it baby bare, landing strip or Hitler... that is for you to deal with on your own 'behind closed doors' time.

*I don't care about the blister your shoe gave you. I am sorry you have a blister on your foot. I know it sucks trying to break-in 5 inch heels when running a 10k marathon. Truly I do feel bad for you, but give it a rest. I don't need to hear about your fucking blister every three seconds. Let's talk more about the scenery for the 10k run or the awesome weather we are having lately. Let's talk about things that are not ALWAYS complaining. Lets talk about future plans, what we want to accomplish this year, what show you are looking forward to seeing. There are tons of things to discuss that are not all revolving around constant negativity, whining or complaining. Life sucks, it's not fair... deal with it! Be positive. Harder said than done, yes. But let's make a conscious effort, sometimes anger/sadness does get the best of us but we gotta keep on truckin'.

*I don't care to start down the dark path of back stabbing. Complaining about mutual friends is not very nice. Let's not do this anymore please? We are all friends right? And if I have a problem with one friend, we would assume I am mature enough to bring it up with them. Yes? Noooo..... instead what I will do is hold a pow-wow with family and friends to bring up my friends' short comings. Because that is the mature thing you do, IF YOU ARE A FUCKING 5TH GRADER! This is annoying and frustrating, for both the person you are wanking about, the person having to hear the wank and eventually for the person doing the wanking.

*I don't care about the most recent gossip, more than likely I don't even know what it is. Fishing for information is just as bad as spreading gossip. "Oh I don't gossip. But I was wondering have you heard about this and that and the other?" Saying you don't gossip and don't like it right before going into trying to NOT SO covertly gather data for your own little selfish goals is uncouth. It means you are a little busy body and should mind your own fucking little business. Better yet, go straight to the source and find out for yourself. Trying to gather data second, third or fourth hand many times will not yield correct data. Be a man about it and stop being a sneaky little pussy!

Adrian, I know it has been a super long time since I made a list for you... and this one is my griping. Hope you enjoy my list and you can identify with me in some ways (I know you like to hear sordid sex stories you little perv monkey!)

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