25 October 2010

Are players socially skilled hedonists, or self-destructive psychopaths?

Still, Hare says that a compulsion to have sex for sex's sake is consistent with the shallowness of emotions and lack of attachment to others that psychopaths exhibit. (although he cautions that just because someone sleeps around does not mean that he or she is a psychopath).

Just because I smoke crack doesn't make me an addict. I love these types of statements! Hey just cause I binge drink on the weekends, doesn't make me an alcoholic. Lame... Anyways that's besides the point.

I found the article very interesting as I personally know someone who tries to act like a, to quote his words, 'playah'. I have known this individual for years and he knows how I feel about douchey guys that are all about conquest and never take into account what they are doing to women's mentality, emotion and health. (Yes, I know about your little run in with an STD.)

Stop doing what you are doing dude. You are hurting yourself, you come off as a douchey asshole to everyone except your womanizing guy friends and you are hurting others. When I ask you if your girl caught you cheating yet, I am not joking. I am serious... she knows you cheat and it hurts her. When she talks to me she says how deeply you hurt her because she loves you. Why on Earth she is wasting her time and energy on you is beyond me. Don't delude yourself and think it's the sex either.... I have heard it all.

Think hard before your act selfishly how you may be negatively impacting the life of another person and your life as well.


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