29 November 2010

This is dedicated to my sister....

You know you have heard that you can pick your friends but not your family. Well have you heard this one:
"I am having second thoughts about having my kids live with me."

The above statement wouldn't bother me if "my kids" were 30 something year old, lazy pieces of shit that live in my basement, playing WOW all night and day. However this statement was made by my whore sister that just got out of prison. The whole time she has been in prison she has been writing, telling her children that she will have them live with her when she gets out.

Her two boys (the only ones she has custody of because the older two were not as important as the drugs she was on.... but I wouldn't 'understand' or so she says) are 8 and 10, or at least I assume, have been in the care of my mother while my sister was in prison. My mom has been watching them to keep them from going to their drug addict father who got out of prison before my sister AND to keep them out of state run foster care. My mom never signed up to be their mother full time forever because my sister had 'second thoughts'.

Honestly, how can my aunt, uncles and even some of my siblings welcome her back with open arms as if she has done no wrong. She fucked up, more than once and will fuck up again.... she has given birth to four children that she doesn't even care for. She doesn't care for the first two and won't even talk about them. And she is in a hurry to not deal with the latter two. Because like she said, "I am having second thoughts....." A little too late now you worthless whore. You brought kids into the world that you did not want, you only had them to milk money from the government! So now after they are too old to abort she decides that having kids is a bad idea? Fucking asshole. My family... assholes. My sister asshole! And who suffers? Innocent kids! But my family does not see it that way.... idiots! The whole lot of them.

So I have my little plan... so you are having second thoughts about your kids? I have the perfect solution to rid you of them:

  • Give up all parental rights to both of your sons.
  • Let the youngest go to his father since he wants him so bad.
  • Let the 10 year old go to foster care until his birth father chooses to keep him or he gets adopted by a total stranger.
  • Leave them alone and never look for your 'throw away' kids again.

I honestly have been looking into fostering/adopting the 10 year old... he is a good kid that just needs stability. He knows his mother is worthless. It's really sad when your own child knows you are selfish, worthless and a terrible parent. I hope you hurry up and go back to prison as you usually do so I can tell the family "I told you so assholes!"

Thoughts anyone or am I just being angry for no reason?

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