27 October 2016

Sanchon (산촌) - Vegan dining in Seoul Part. 1

 I decided to split this post into 2 parts.  Mainly because I took so many pictures.  And I think the location was just as interesting as the food.  I wish I had some photos or video of the actual path to the location.  You had to take a winding path down an alleyway to find Sanchon.  I had seen a youtube video about eating at Sanchon and thought it would be a great experience for my sister and I.  I had never had a multi-course vegan meal and this was my chance to do so. 

 My only regret would be not having asked for a place to sit that was more brightly lit.  We opted to sit in the traditional style: on the floor at a low table.  So the dining pictures to follow are not that great but you get the idea.  The place was beautiful and an eyeful.  Every corner of the restaurant had something interesting to look at and study.  We even caught a corner of the building that was slightly sagging and patched to stay up with wooden beams. 

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