28 October 2007

mc chris show

So after a mad, fast drive from Pomona to SLO… I made it!!! About 10 or 15 minutes late, but I had to go. So we got to watch mc get the crowd, of mostly very unhealthy couchlings, work up a sweat. I do have to say that it had them pumped more than ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ ever would. I wouldn’t say it was a work out though…. But it was good fun and it was awesome to see mc again. Like the birdcore shirt? Well its my peepee jammas not a shirt. I asked Taylor if they still had the freebie T’s for message board members. He said yes, but only in 2x…. I am more of a triple x fan myself but I took the 2x and will use it as a peepee jamma. I wore it at the show over like 3 or 4 layers of shirts…. no I wasn’t nearly as hot as some people there.

Garrett had their first mc show, got his ticket autographed and got to take the famous flip-off pic with mc. Really if it wasn’t for me being there… it almost looks like these pictured had us Photoshopped in. I suppose mc has been working on his ‘grrr’ face for a while… very proficient.

I have no idea what happened to the missing picture of Aaron; we got him with mc too. Here is the lovely Kate with mc. Notice how she is making herself shorty when standing next to him. And where the hell was Mike???
But if you look at the pic Adrian posted, you can see the arm around the shoulder going on. *I think the roadie wanted some of Adrian* His arm is up and coming around and he is looking longingly at Adrian. Oh no!!!!! Aahahahhahahaa.

17 October 2007

Pyramid Brewery and Restaurant

Round 1
This round consisted of: Mactarnahan’s Black Watch Cream Porter, Apricontweizen, Oregon Honey Beer, Thunderhead IPA and Snow Cap.

They were all quite tasty… I would say the two dark and the Apri were my fave of this group.

Round 2
By the time I got this round I totally forgot to pay attention to what I had and what I had not had. So you guys get to figure out what I did drink. There were ten possible drinks I could have and I had one of each kind. I listed the ones I did pay attention to above. So, that would leave 5 remaining that I did not list. If you find the answer you get a prize… oooOOOoOOOOOoooo the mystery of the prize!

15 October 2007

It's a piggy!

I got my very own pink piggy hooray. I have it at work now and I stare at its curly tail all day long.

07 October 2007

I need to take my own advice.

Tired of people assuming you will jump on their band wagon?  
Tired of friends expecting you to take sides on matters that do not pertain to you?  

Now, let’s all put a stop to this.  The world is not about taking sides.  Life is not about warring with people because others want you to.  Life is about living.  Loving without holding back.  Unless you fuckers can say you are perfect… we are all going to do and say things that will piss people off.  It happens.  Let it roll off your back, move on and don’t dwell.  That’s not what life is about.
Never forget, but forgive because life is too short to let rage, jealousy, and sadness take over.  Take everyday a step at a time.  And dammit, I know the way I am, what I do, who I talk to tends to piss people off.  But I don’t know a single of my friends that would not say that I am a good friend.  Not just to select people, I am good to everyone that I can be good to.  It’s hard work, I know it is ten times easier to stay upset, to not be good…. but its much more rewarding to be good.
Leave the drama at the door.  Or you can stay outside with your drama if you are not prepared to handle life maturely and with a smile.  Stop blaming others, blame yourself for not being able to move on.  You are the maker of your own misery or happiness.  What do you want to be?  Miserable?  Or happy?
Those who do not have full control over their own lives, actions, emotions take it out on others by trying to be controlling.  Stop it!  And start trying to put some control to your life.  No one can fix your life for you, no one can make you be happy… you have to do it all for yourself.
So sayeth the gangsta spectre of defeat!
Don’t expect me to be you or be like you because I was born me.  (Yes yes I know I am not perfect and should take my own advice.  Just sometimes I feel like I have the brain worms.)