30 July 2013

I am thankful...

That Andy did not come to us with a potty mouth.

I am also quite thankful he came with a sense of humor.

And I am now starting to understand that the logic of a child's mind has been so far removed from me as an adult it is somewhat refreshing.  Sometimes my uncle will tell my husband about what I was like when I was younger.  I remember and laugh at how awesome/ridiculous I used to be.

26 July 2013

My momma was on welfare.

So now that the blind rage has subsided, I will have to agree with one of the comments on my previous post; it all boils down to the parents.  Parents are the ones who are responsible for feeding their children healthy and nutritious meals.  And before anyone that may pop by and reads decides to give me an earful for getting pissy over government aide: my mom was a recipient of AFDC and Foodstamps when I was a young little whipper snapper.  Just so you all know, I am not sitting high on my affluent soapbox talking down to the poor.  I know poor and I never want to be there again.  I work hard so I don't find myself having to ask the public for help.

23 July 2013

Fuck EBT and the horse it rode in on!

So it's now be over a week as step-mother to a 9 year-old boy.  Upon his arrival, armed with McNuggets, he voiced his love for them.  The following day, he microwaved what he had left of said McNasties and ate them.  For lunch that day he had instant ramen noodles with a slice of processed cheese.  He said he loved the stuff!  We took a trip to the grocery store which I managed to somehow survive without breaking a glass bottle of wine open and drowning my face in it.  While heading home I asked Andy, the step-kid, "What's your favorite food?"  And he quickly replied, "7-11."

19 July 2013

Drugs are bad, mkay.

Did I ever tell the story of when I was strangled?

No, not to death.  Obviously!

No, it wasn't some sex thing.

Once upon a time I was at a rave (okay often I went to raves).  For the most part I will have to attest that sometimes things don't go too well or all too often end up forgotten due to a drug induced haze.  Oh but I remember, I remember it was Nocturnal Wonderland in Downtown LA.  (Lineup if you are interested in that sort of thing.) As you can guess by the title it was Wonderland themed/inspired, it had been a few years since I had attended Nocturnal Wonderland and this time I thought I would go as Alice.  

16 July 2013


From April 2012
Did I get tired of Germany posts?  No.
Did I get lazy?  Maybe.
Did life happen and I started posting about other stuff before finishing Germany posts?  Yep.

Though these are from last year, revisiting Germany in photographs makes me long for another visit to Germany.  Or maybe I am just suffering from cabin fever and need to go some place that is NOT California?  Isn't it funny how so many people, both US and foreign, wish to visit California? Here I am longing for some place else.  Variety and change is the spice of life, no?

Here are are few of the highlights from our visit to Wiesbaden.  It was gloomy and rained frequently so I was limited on what I could capture.  Plus my camera problems didn't help. 

10 July 2013

Japanese Tea Garden SF

Once upon a time, before my skateboard was stolen and before parts of me began to ache from abuse, I took a little skate trip up to San Francisco.  During that trip, I did a bit of sightseeing.  Or as I think of it now, time to take a break from skating but not do nothing.  One fine morning in August my sister, a friend and I found ourselves near Golden Gate Park.  Inside of Golden Gate Park there is much to do, on this weary morning we opted to check out the Japanese Tea Garden.  Excuse the quality of the photos, it was like a million years ago.

circa 2007

08 July 2013

"You remember, Antwan Rockamora?"

"Half black, half Samoan, used to call him Tony Rocky  Horror." - Jules

Long story short Tony Rocky Horror got pushed out of the window of a 4-story building.  For giving another man's wife a foot massage, supposedly.

Is it me or does that foot look a little on the large side?

A co-worker casually mentioned that he wouldn't want to have anyone other than his wife give him a massage.  How the conversation came up I don't recall.  But it made me think about my own situation.  I have been in the mood for a massage.  I know I can ask the mister for one but I want one from someone else.  Not anyone in specific, but the little Asian place at the mall looks to be promising.  I am in need of a good deep tissue massage and a foot massage for good measure.

Now here is my thought, would my Marcellus be upset if another man gave his wife a massage?  Or does the sex of the masseuse not matter?  Would it be okay with my Marcellus if the masseuse was a woman (with very strong hands)?  Being technically still a newlywed since we have yet to hit the 7-year itch (doubtful of this happening but marriage/divorce rates seem to prove otherwise)... I am assuming neither would be a problem.  No need for suspicions to be raised about happy endings and such.  Plus, he isn't a jealous guy over trivial things like massages.  Or are all guys territorial when it comes to things like massages.  See, here I am second guessing my assumption because I for one am not a guy.  Two, I wouldn't care if he got a massage without a happy ending of course. 

So instead of assuming and entering into a common reason for marital quarrel: non-communication; I need to ask.  And what would be the most diplomatic way of asking?

"I want a massage, but not from you.  Is that okay?"  Hmm probably not the best way to ask.  They should have offered a class in tact when I went to school, I need it.

All of the stress of moving, packing, paying deposits and switching utilities... I need a massage from a professional (or the Asians at the mall).  I am thinking maybe suggest a couples massage, we both go get our kinks worked out together.  [All you get your head out of the gutter!  I mean tension kinks not sexual kinks.  Oh for fucks sake it all sounds dirty with the word kink involved.]  Maybe I just need to douse the liver in a bottle of wine and be done with my need for a massage.  Seriously though, my neck and shoulders are so tight it's making sleep and swimming annoying.

I guess my other alternative is to see the chiropractor and make sure that I get a massage after being adjusted.  And going to get a pedicure but make sure they spend extra time on the massage part of the pedicure.  Diplomacy; not my strong suit. 

03 July 2013

Wasting Money

If you have money to burn by all means do so.  If you have a hobby you like to sink money into, do it!  It's good to have a hobby.  Some people save up their extra money and take a vacation.  I do both, I use spare cash on hobbies and vacationing.  It's fun money, I use it on something fun... something other than bills that have to get paid.  

01 July 2013

California Scenario - Noguchi Garden

The last time I was in Costa Mesa I didn't even know about the Noguchi Garden.  It wasn't until after I headed home from a wedding that I realized I was within walking distance of it.  And when a fellow blogger posted photos from his visit there, I knew I had missed out.

In numerical order: Forest Walk, Spirit of the Lima Bean, Water Use, Desert Land, Water Source, Land Use and Energy Fountain.