15 January 2015

Dear Mc Donald's #3,

     I know better than to eat your "meals", I really do.  And I really know that my sweet tooth will be the death of me.  But why would you try to kill me so soon?  I just wanted a simple sugary snack and I chose the relatively safe ice cream cone.  I didn't even get it dipped in chocolate.  I feel like throwing up and as if my stomach is full of hot lava.  Mc Donald's why must you tempt me with your sugary snacks and then try to kill me????  Do you not want me to return and spend my dirty American dollars on what you try to pass off as ice cream?

     I have now decided never to eat ice cream from you ever again.  I will stick to the high price of Ben and Jerry's because I know that it is made out of real milk and not some vanilla flavored powder.  You can keep your nasty sugars! 

     Oh god I wish I could just barf to make this horrible feeling end.  Dear lord I want to throw up so bad.

     Sick To My Stomach Susie

P.S.  Your unsweetened iced tea is starting to taste rancid too!

P.S.S.  I probably have myself to blame for not eating as often as I used to.  My tolerance has gone down and your Mc Fatty sugars destroyed me like tequila destroys many a young adult when they reach legal drinking age.  They want to vomit too.