28 October 2008

So I want this...to blog on the go!

And now my head is in the ad. It makes me think of how excited I really would be if I got this teeny tiny puter. See my face? That's excitement!

26 October 2008

Sushi fun times.

Except I forgot to take a picture of the awesome masterpiece before I devoured it. I had a tiger-eye roll. It had squid, salmon, krab, carrot, avocado and all kindsa different saucy stuffs. It was good mmm mmm good. I didn't even have room to eat the flower!

07 October 2008

Domo goes Halloween shopping.

The hat looked soo good on him, but he said he wanted a more fitted look. He was worried that he would lose his hat at any of the various Halloween parties he will be attending. I wish I didn't have to work so I could go with him.

I personally think the glasses work for him. He thinks the glasses are a bit much he doesn't want Mr. Usaji to think he is making fun of him. I think he should be Mr. Usaji for Halloween, we would just need to find him some bunny ears and he would be set!

03 October 2008

My other, other, other, other nephew.

This is Aiden I think that's how his name is spelled but I dunno. I haven't seen him in a long time and he is starting to grow FANGS!!!! Luckily he can't stand up yet cause then it would be a little mobile chomping machine. Chomping machine=Susie approved! Go get em biter!