19 February 2015

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas was our shortest port of call which was unfortunate as I would have liked to have seen more of it.  Not sure how good my experience of Cabo would have been as it had been hit by Hurricane Odile about a month before we got there.  Far off in the distance I could see some of the beach facing property did look pretty sad.  But for the most part Cabo was ready to go for incoming tourists.  

13 February 2015


Our second port of call was Mazatlan.  We all stopped and paused for the obligatory tourist picture.  Our activities for the day involved an estuary tour, a "Mexican Limo" ride along the beach to our lunch time destination followed by lounging on the beach.  And the entire tour had free beer: Tecate.  

02 February 2015

Puerto Vallarta

When we arrived at port there were photographers ready to snap your picture with, I assume, what they want foreigners to portray as an authentic person from each port of call.  I managed to get away unscathed at the first port of call.  My mom, not so lucky.  But after my first dodge attempt I did pose with the family.  It's something to remember the trip by and my mom enjoyed taking the pictures.  At least I thought so.