14 February 2008

Things that run in the family.

Sneaking food!!!

Don't worry Lily I won't tell mom.... she might call you fat or something horrible like that. I think she might have a fun house mirror that she looks at or poor vision that makes her look skinny. Dunno which one but seriously we are NOT fat, she is.... but don't tell her I said that she might get all scrappy and water her lawn. If only she would get scrappy and wash dishes or clean house. Oh well!

Notice how we all make strange faces in pictures. I would say I enjoy candid shots for the stupid faces we all make but darn if we don't have cute dimples!

Don't tell grandma! Hey what happened to his head?! Does he fall on his face all the time like I do too?


Notice; silly willy face and cute dimple time.

Maybe his dimples haven't grown in yet. Malachi, where the heck did you leave your dimples?!

No dimples.... and someone, can someone get Lucas some teeth please. I swear he loses them and what, they never grow back? That's not how it's supposed to work. Maybe I can score him some Pepsodent and some plastic vampire fangs... not the gothy emo ones. The cool plastic ones you get as a kid at Halloweenies time.

For the love of god! He has no dimples either?! Pfft you guys lose... Lily we win! Ha ha!

Stop with the canned smiles we need some goof ball faces... Man those little boys clean up nice. I like them when they are dressed all cute and in pictures. ***They can't make me sticky or deaf.***

I love how my nephews address me: "Umm, 'scuse me Princess of Power do you want to play video games?" Oh yes, I only answer to She-Ra Princess of Power. Kills my mom but heck that's my name till they grow up and realize its totally a farce or see who Princess of Power really is. Regardless I am sure they will still call me Princess of Power for nostalgic reasons.