29 September 2010

Finally about fucking time!!!

I am officially divorced! *high five* Time for a celebratory drink and happy dance!!!!!!! Phew, the relief is amazing, FINALLY!

28 September 2010

I recommend you watch these....

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Everyone should watch it. Really, it's cute, the music is pretty bad ass and I liked the story line. I almost wish I knew what she becomes when she grows up..... and when they meet again.

  • Tekkon Kinkreet

One of these days I wanna cosplay as White.. cause White has all the coolest hats! Not to mention a bazillion watches.... Watch this!

26 September 2010

Beer tasting

Yesterday I had beer tasting and sandwich eating day. It was nice, mellow and much needed relaxation time.

I got to enjoy six different brews from Sam Adams for about sixish bucks... what a deal! Not to mention yummy sandwich to accompany my brews. My six brews were as follows:

  1. Boston Lager - Meh had it before, I still enjoy it.

  2. Dunkelweizen - Whoa I loved it! Dark wheaty goodness, nice taste and really refreshing; even for a dark beer. I will keep my eye out for this one again.

  3. Harvest Pumpkin Ale - I recommend pouring it into a glass and avoiding the bottle. You get the full aroma of the pumpkin and spices, don't sell yourself short of a good experience. Pour into a glass!

  4. Octoberfest - Pretty darn smooth, had it before and I enjoy this time of year because I get the chance to purchase it.

  5. Black Lager - I've had this before, being a fan of dark beers, I really enjoy it. It's really tasty, I think maybe if I find it again I will have it with my meat eater dinner of steak and potatoes.

  6. Irish Red - I have had this before and it kinda has a sweetness to it, I like it but not nearly as much as the darker beers I had during my beer sitting this go around.

Be sure to pour your brews into clean glasses to fully enjoy an unspoiled taste and fully enjoy the aroma and taste of your beer.

14 September 2010

Do you like claymation?

Everyone should watch this... it's funny and sad and totally cute. Even though Harvie gets dealt a shitty hand in life he still looks on the bright side. I recommend you rent this DVD.... Harvie Krumpet is about 20 something minutes long but you can also check out some of Adam Elliot's other shorts in the special features. You can also stream it from Netflix but then you would miss out on the extra shorts. Do it, watch it!

10 September 2010

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year and and therefore requesting a present from you. So for Christmas this year I really want this:

I promise to continue brushing my teeth before bed and washing behind my ears. Just please bring me this awesome book of laughs for Christmas... and a unicorn. If you can't find a unicorn just bring me a pony and I will glue a horn to it's head even a one horned goat would work.

Thanks Santa I love you!

P.S. I promise to leave you steak and beer instead of milk and cookies. We all know that other stuff will just rot your teeth and give you diarrhea.

09 September 2010

Best underoos on Earth!!!

So in my search of underoos (my dog thinks it's cute to eat my underoos) I decided I needed something comfortable, not pricey and lots at once. My choice Hanes Women's Cotton Boy Brief. Price: $2.97 for a 7 pack! My reasons for them being the best underoos I have ever purchased in my entire life:

  • They do not ride up your ass crack. They are not thongs that will constantly try to floss the skin off my ass crack and neither side rides up like regular panty briefs.

  • They are tagless so I don't have to deal with cutting/ripping pesky tags off.

  • They are not made of frilly crap that will fall apart.

  • They don't cost a freakin' arm and a leg.

  • They are cotton so I don't have to worry about how I wash or dry them.

  • Comfort is by far the major choice... I don't have itchy lace, tight elastic strands or beads or anything bothering my underoo wearing experience.

My days of having to adjust riding underoos are over! Granted some people might say, "Well they aren't very attractive." It's okay, I don't intend on wearing these outside of my pants or with out pants over them. Plus what the heck does it matter about the guy liking my panties if they are just gonna come off anyways. Right?

All I have to say is I love these underoos and I can understand the love of boxer briefs a friend of mine professes to have. For now I am in love with my cotton boy briefs.

**See API it was saved and I don't have to rewrite it now woohooo!**

08 September 2010

What movie did we watch last night?

The Mummy an' the Armadillo

Netflix says:

It was a dark and stormy night along Route 66. But when Sarah (Clare Kramer) makes a pit stop at a ramshackle cafe, what she finds inside is anything but cliche. Housing a mini-museum of oddities -- including a mummified human being and a stuffed armadillo -- the eatery also holds secrets that Sarah's visit seems destined to unlock. The ensemble supporting cast includes Lori Heuring, Busy Philipps, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and Johnathon Schaech.

The synopsis led me to believe this movie was going to be something else.... and I also found out it was originally a stage play. I liked the movie, but I would rather have watched it as a play. In a play you can actually enjoy a wide view setting instead of watching the zoomed in faces of actresses trying to look 'worried' and licking/biting their lips.

The horror/terror element wasn't derived from bloody guts but the history of the characters is terrible as you find out more and more about the individual characters in the movie. This movie seriously looks closely into the madness of a family and the hard work that goes into keeping family secrets a secret.

If you don't mind watching a movie that is heavy with dialog, filmed in the diner for 95 percent of the time and lots of close up face shots, go for it. The movie does a good job of showing dysfunctional family dynamics.

Any suggestions for my next movie night?

01 September 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Ooohh look what I found at the store! These little guys live with me now. I have to go again today to get more as the beau's niece NEEDS her Muno, Foofa and Tootie. I might breakdown and get Plex and Brobie so they are not lonely and left behind. We shall see.... hope I can get em all. Wish me luck!