16 November 2011

Curry flavored chicken

I have been watching runnyrunny999's cooking channel on youtube and have been getting awesome ideas for making dinner from his cooking videos. Above I made curry flavored chicken thighs and as the side dish I made saffron rice and green beans. Oh my gosh it was soooo good! I can't take full credit for how amazing my dinner came out. I will have to admit that the video runnyrunny made for Curry flavored chicken wings was my inspiration:

Maybe you can try it out for yourself so you can see how yummy it turns out. I really enjoy his recipes because you can modify pretty much anything to fit your own tastes. I used extra garlic and stuffed the marinade under the chicken skin before frying.

09 November 2011

Curry bread and Tofu curry rice

Here is another dinner inspired by runnyrunny999, tofu curry rice and also curry bread. I really liked the curry bread, it's like the grown up of Uncrustables, for dinner! I think though, for my next go I will modify the curry, I did not like the tomato-ey taste of it. It was delicious and Joey loved it but I think next time I will try tweaking the recipe a bit. I ended up using Texas thick sliced toast for the curry bread but I think maybe in Japan their bread is fluffier. At least looking at the video it appeared to be a bit easier to work with than the toast I used. The toast did make for excellent French Toast!!!

Here is runnyrunny's recipe that I followed:

08 November 2011

Dead Leaves

Movie night with the mister consisted of an odd anime that I randomly chose from Netflix. I will admit that the tiny synopsis given on Netflix and the picture prompted me to watch it. I suggest watching it, I would assume if watched in a theater it would give some people motion sickness. It is so frenetic, I suggest watching it twice to catch what you may have missed the first time. Check it out:

01 November 2011

Halloween 2011

Joey and I carved some pumpkins this Halloween. I hadn't carved a pumpkin in so long and I am really glad I did it again this year. It was so much fun! Joey carved the one at the very top and then I carved the ghost and castle. A few days later I carved the third one for Christina because she loves Michael Myers so much. I think they looked really good at The Swiss. I have a huge pumpkin at my house but I think I will just set it out by the front door for the remainder of the fall holidays.
Joey was a borracho for Halloween, not much different than any other holiday but this time he looked the part.
Angry pouty person? I was going to go for guro lolita but I ran out of time to work on a costume so I bought one last minute in the kid section. I am glad I at least had accessories to go with it.