31 July 2010

Managing Conflicts With Email


I'm not going to point fingers or say names. But I know quite a few people that like to send nasty emails because they can not handle confrontation. Some do it to try and save face others do it because they are unwilling to accept their part in the conflict.

I can think of one person specifically (whom I do not speak with any longer) that was (probably still is) notorious for written communication. This person sends emotionally charged and mean messages/emails to people instead of confronting the person face to face. After years of knowing the person I am speaking of, these are the reasons I assumed they did this:

  • The person is a control freak. In an email argument, the person doing the writing is in control... When discussing or having a confrontation face to face, that control is gone. Some people can not handle that it seems.

  • The person is also tries to be as hurtful as possible and not have to see the outcome of the hurt caused. So the person would tear into someone via written word and they would not have to witness the aftermath. Not to mention this person was probably too chicken to be that hurtful to someones face.

  • The response email would be sent either equally as emotionally charged or more so (name calling). Then the original email that was sent would appear less angry or even be used in accusing the recipient of being "crazy" or "out of control".

Needless to say life has been much easier not dealing with this person because you had to walk on eggshells to even be their friend.... and that is not friendship at all. With friendship you take the good with the bad and work through difficulties if you truly care for others.

30 July 2010

Fashion is scary.

I don't even know... I mean I guess creativity is subjective? To me this thing called "fashion" is a thing of nightmares. I think I saw 3 pictures on this site that didn't cause me to get the 'deer in the headlights' stare of terror. I also want to understand why no one smiles anymore. Is it not fashionable? Will their millionz billionz layers of face paint crack. I don't even know what to say.... Seriously check out the link and stare at the pictures trying to see the vision that designers are trying to convey.... I just don't even know.

Now to make up for abusing your poor soul to the scary of what people consider fashion, I give you SPACE! Amazing Hubble photos.

26 July 2010

Sick+Stupid=Not So Nice

I have a snotty cold thing going on right now. And Vics is the best thing on Earth for my sniffles. I love the vapory smell and it helps my nose feel a bit better. Since my eyes were all dried out and burning, I figured I would put some eye drops in. I then proceeded to mop up the excess eye drops with my Kleenex that had Vics on it. Instead of grabbing a fresh Kleenex, I used the one soaked in Vics that I huff to enter the "Hall of Vapors".
Well that didn't go too well, I immediately cried out with super burning in my eyes and rubbed them vigorously.... that did NOT help. So I tried to just let the air work it's magic but I couldn't open my eyes. Luckily my co-worker was around to document all of this and send me photos in an email with the subject line of: FAIL.Yes, yes I did fail... but it's funny now that I can see again. So I share how stupid my brain is when I am congested. Hooray! Man I look god awful when I am sick and torturing my eyes with mentholated medication. RAWR I'm scary!

17 July 2010

For the record...

I can't stand this: wen wuld dis b ok? o dat? 2mrow is koo. (NOOOO!!!! It's god awful to read and I want to jab my eyes out!)

Or this: MiDDle FiNga Up, I dNt gIve a....I kNoW its SuNday i DNt giVe a FuCC (I just tried typing that to see if it's even remotely easier to do than typing like a normal human. No, it's far worse and I have a headache and my eyes burn now.)

14 July 2010

I had a realization....

People need hobbies. I was looking at Facebook the other day and I noticed 7 people all within an hour had mentioned in their status that they were bored. WOW! That's pretty sad... Is it that hard to be content doing absolutely nothing? In a world of hurried chaos, is it that hard to have some down time for people?

What about hobbies? In my awesome DUI class the other night, one girl mentioned that she drinks when she is bored.... and she is bored all the time. The counselor asked the girl if she had hobbies and the girl said.... drinking! And yet the girl can't understand how it is she came to have 2 DUI's and lose custody of her child.

What ever happened to movie night? Or playing board games? Drawing, reading, going for a walk or listening to music?

In order to combat boredom, avoid a second DUI and stay content with life; I have been doing this:

  • Going on walks with the boyfriend and the doggies late at night (to avoid the late night boredom).

  • Reading (Just got done with all but the last of the Sookie Stackhouse series).

  • Movie night with family, friend or solo with the boyfriend. (Netflix is a godsend).

  • Writing (This is Not a Book is awesome fun and gets the creative juices flowing).

  • Game night at my mother's house. (My mother and I have never seen eye to eye but as of late we have become much closer and I blame game night).

  • Knitting/crocheting (I haven't started just yet. But my sister is going to teach me and give me some of her yarn so I can try making scarves, beanies and blankets).

  • Artsy crafty time. Turn on the music, turn off the tele and bust out the arts and crafts materials.

I really hope people can get off of their complain boat and relax. Have fun and enjoy the short life you have to live. Do something, don't wait for something.

08 July 2010

Sleep hates me!

Unhappy again… again.
Why? It always seems like things are too good to be true and then they are. I don’t think I make them this way but it always seems like things start out quite nice and the little things that make me endearing also cause hardship. In every aspect of life I rub people the wrong way. It’s like I am okay until I no longer follow the path you have set in your mind as acceptable. You condemn and judge me because I don’t follow the way you think things should be. Really look at what benefit I bring to our companionship. If I am so terrible, if the cons outweigh the pros move on. People focus on the trivial and lose sight of the things that are truly important. Doing things differently does not make them wrong. Doing wrong things is what makes things wrong.

01 July 2010

RIP Little Bastard

Once upon a time I acquired a ferret. Ferrets are not legal to own in the state of California and my friend had no where for the little guy to go. So knowing how much of an animal lover I am, we decided to place the Little Bastard under my care. While under my care my little sister fell in love with him. So I worked out a deal with my friend to let me keep the little guy and gift him to my sister. My friend didn't have a stable place in which to keep the ferret, plus during the time I cared for him he was eating out of my pocket book. So we came to the conclusion that my sister could take over the Little Bastard and my friend could go visit when ever he wanted.

Little Bastard was my sister's best little buddy in Earth for a few years. But things turned sour when my sister's apartment had to be fumigated. She took LB to our mom's house where my nephews pretty much stressed him to death. :( Ferrets are pretty cool but when they get worried it makes them sick. I tried to help Lily nurse him back to health. We hand fed him, kept him warm and even gave him enema's to help him start digesting in order to eat. All to no avail! He died in my little sister's arms and it was really hard for the both of us. I went over to her apartment and we put him in a little box so he could be disposed of properly. My sister is not a huge animal lover but she loved LB and she took it pretty hard. If only we could have found a ferret friendly vet in time, he might still be with us. Rest in peace Little Bastard, we all loved you very much.

And now to help me right myself after this tearful post, I give everyone this:
Ketchup packets I found while refueling my tea pot in the break room. Really, ketchup in love? Doesn’t ketchup know that ketchup really has the hots for mustard? I like the showering ketchup the best.