25 March 2010

We found out what was broken.

So one of the wireless access points wasn’t working…. The culprit? Lightning! ZZAAAPPPP!!!!

15 March 2010

I'm going to hell.

Is it bad that I think this is funny? ^^This would have never happened when I was a kid. If I complained I would have gotten a swatting and put to do my homework. There was no whining about not wanting to. If you whine or cry, you were given a reason to whine and cry. But you STILL had to do your homework. Damn kids these days. Just do your damn homework already Malachi!!! Getting homework done means you can have more time to do fun things after school.

Now that everyone feels sorry for my nephew, don't feel sorry. Check out what our sunrises look like. My nephew is a spoiled brat and our beaches are bad ass. I know the sun sets on the west but in certain little coves you can witness the sun coming up on the shore too, even on the west coast.

05 March 2010


So I was telling a friend that I accidentally left my Ipod running all night. And I left my Ipod pluggy thingy at the house. So right in the middle of a Ween song I noticed I have no juice! So I am expecting it to die any second. So then something came over me and I text this back:

Dude Ween is the shit.
I am lame and forget stuff.
Now my Ipod dies.

I can write haiku's on the fly still. Take that fuckers! My brain is awesome. I haven't written a haiku probably since like high school maybe? Maybe junior high, it's hard to tell but damn I can still do it. And its the traditional 5-7-5 Haiku not the American poet approved 3-5-3. Why do I know this shit and why do I care? I am so lame hahahahhaha.