I figure it's about time to add an about.  Not so much an about me as much as about the blog.

I was sitting the other day trying to think about what type of blog I have.  What purpose does it serve?

*Well it's not a mommy blog, I am not a mommy. {Edit: I take that back, I am step-mommy now.}
*It's not a review blog.  I am too random to devote a site to reviews. {Edit: Well, never say never right.}
*It's not a crafty diva site.  I don't do crafty shit all the time.  
*Definitely not a fashion blog.

So what the hell is this?  I could call it a diary.  But most people write in their diary's and keep it hidden under their pillow.  Or even under lock and key.  I do it for a few reasons.  The first one being the most apparent, I like to write.  Whether it's good or not is besides the point.  But that can't be my only motivating factor right?  Right?!

So I sat and thought some more.  The more I write and remember the past the more I start to fear losing it.  Not that I want to live in the past but I want the ability to remember.  My grandpa got hit with a healthy dose of Alzheimer's coupled with Micheal J. Fox disease.  I grew up in his house and it tore me apart to see him slowly forgetting who we all were.  I hated to see the look of confusion on his face.  So I guess I want to use this as a bit of a reminder to myself.  Of important things, even mundane things so if for what ever reason dementia sets in early.... I can read this and try to remember?  Or my loved ones can know about me when I can no longer remember the stories of my own past.

Also, I miss group therapy.  I miss hearing others thoughts on what was going on in life.  I miss hearing the opinions of others.  I miss learning new things through meaningful communication.  Life is full of people tweeting everything they do.  Or staying in touch by reviewing people's Facebook pages.  The days of one-on-one communication seem to be gone.  I like to read blogs and comment on them, to give the writer some interaction.  A blog takes up a bit more time than the typical social media post of, "OMGZ going to the movies tonight with the fambam!"  It's much more involved and it takes patience and intelligence to bother with something that takes up more than 2 seconds of your life [Click the "Like" button].

True story:
Cancelled my Facebook account.  A lot of people didn't notice, which was fine.  So I went to meet with a few friends and all of their conversations revolved around Facebook.  "Did you see what he said on his Facebook?!"  "I can't believe she posted that picture on Facebook."  Since I had no Facebook at the time I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.  After some time there was an awkward silence because all they had to talk about was Facebook and all I had to talk about was not relevant to Facebook.  What a conundrum!  The art of communication is gone with the frenzy of social media.  My mom always said, "Everything in moderation."
***Edit:  The above scenario, while not the same has happened to me twice, after the above was written I did reactivate my Facebook.  It is currently dead and WILL NOT be resuscitate.  (They give you a 2 week period to repent in your ways and reactivate without losing your crap.)***
*****Edit after the above edit:  The hubs has added me to his Facebook... you know like those sickening couples that have matching t-shirts?  Yeah, like that.  I still refrain from it's use aside from posting photos of my pottery (which I do on my Google+ page and feel like Pete and Repeat doing it twice).*****

Have you made it this far down?  Wow you didn't get bored of reading my pissy  rant about social networking?  Alright, a little About Me section is what you get.

Birthday: June 19th
Sign: Gemini/Monkey (I don't believe in this stuff.)
Siblings: 5; I am the eldest
Exchange Students Hosted:  2 girls from Japan, 1 boy from Japan, 1 boy from Brazil, 4 boys from Australia, 3 boys from China
Job: Computer tech for a high school district.
I like rainbows and unicorns.  Not a big fan of children unless they are well behaved.  I don't vote.  I don't do politics.   I like tattoos, mine are stupid but I love them.  I love cooking, pottery, swimming and running.  I am right handed, I am allergic to jewelry so I have to swap my wedding band often so I don't end up with an itchy rash on my left hand.  I wear reading glasses and I am starting to think I need to get my eyes checked again.  You can email me at thegypsie [AT] gmail [DOT] com if you want to be my penfriend.  I have both snail mail and email pen friends. 

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