27 October 2016

Sanchon (산촌) - Vegan dining in Seoul Part. 1

 I decided to split this post into 2 parts.  Mainly because I took so many pictures.  And I think the location was just as interesting as the food.  I wish I had some photos or video of the actual path to the location.  You had to take a winding path down an alleyway to find Sanchon.  I had seen a youtube video about eating at Sanchon and thought it would be a great experience for my sister and I.  I had never had a multi-course vegan meal and this was my chance to do so. 

25 October 2016

I broke it....

In an effort to give this blog the kiss of life, I inadvertently destroyed my comment section (just like the rest of the stuff I touch in life).

Well, here's to new beginnings.
And here's to blogger being my comment moderator as opposed to intense debate.

I am hoping to get Sanchon posted before the week's end.

And aside from my dear diary, I hope to update this more frequently.  Even if the posts are not as lengthy (who has time for reading these days) or as witty (I can only blame myself for that part); I will start anew.