31 March 2012

Women drivers suck!

Last night while I was out with my husband having our last date night before I depart for Germany, I was reminded what shitty drivers women are. Driving is a privilege, not a right. And I think there should be greater criteria needed to obtain a drivers license and keep it. This is just my opinion so feel free to ignore me or this post all together. But I am about to discuss some instances where, women drivers in particular, should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of the car. I was almost broadsided by a broad in a big ass Escalade, talking on the phone putting on lipstick. Totally just barreled down the road like she owned it.

29 March 2012

Driving in Germany

Have I studied up on it? Probably not as much as I should have.

However, I am very lucky that most of their road signs are symbols and easy to follow. Which brings me to something I never thought about having grown up in the US. Our road signs have TOO MANY words! It's no wonder foreigners get nagged for being shitty drivers.

I have the task of driving in a new place. So I probably will feel the same stress that I did when I first started driving at 12 (my mom felt the need to teach me early). But even at 12 I saw people drive, I pretty much had an idea of how it was done AND I could read the road signs because by 12 I was quite literate. I am VERY nervous. But I am a smart cookie and I adapt to change very well.

20 March 2012

Did I hit a raw nerve?

Once upon a time, my sister decided she wanted to procreate and not have to bother with the consequences of her actions. (She didn't necessarily 'decide' to procreate as much as she was a whore that didn't care if she got knocked up or diseased.) People who know me, know full well I do not agree with what my sister has done.

14 March 2012

The Lorax

I went to watch The Lorax with my mom on Monday. My sister invited me to go with her and mom, but my sister ended up having to work. But I still took my mom to the movies to watch The Lorax. I live under a rock and had no idea The Lorax was even in theaters! Thanks Sylvia for the movie tickets and letting me have some nice quality time with mom.

Anyone who knows my mom or about my mom, knows she loves her garden. Those damn roses!!!! As a kid, she would have us go out and help pull weeds. I HATE(D) pulling weeds. I purposefully find apartments with little to no yard OR with a gardener included. Don't get me wrong I will be the first one to play in a pit of mud or a sand box but I hate pulling weeds. I also hate tending to plants. I do NOT have a green thumb. I kill things. But last year I was given a plant, a coleus to be precise. Well it's still alive but it looks terrible, I was unaware of how to trim it. So it looks like a very tall green stick with a few leaves at the top. I want to start over withit but I am afraid of killing it. This Christmas I was given a Cypress tree, it's still a sapling and alive. (I think my husband is to thank for keeping my plants alive.)

12 March 2012

Usagi's Test Trip | MobilyTrip

Since I plan on traveling and not having my face buried in a computer while in Germany. I found a way to have my friends and family back at home keep tabs on what I am up to on my trip. I found MobilyTrip which is an app that uses GPS to track where I am and keep track of pictures I take on my iPhone during my trip. Then when I get to a place that has wifi, like the places I will be staying. I can upload my trip to Mobily from my phone. Once that is done, I can hop on the laptop and automatically have Mobily send a link to my blog for all to see.

So here is my first test of Mobily and it's functionality. Don't judge me, it's just a test.

Usagi's Test Trip | MobilyTrip

Don't worry everyone, I will fully document my adventures when I return but for those who can't wait, I will send little tidbits of what I do daily using MobilyTrip.

During my trip to the grocery store to get goodies to bake some cookies for my husband I found this:
I am not normally a sucker for this kind of stuff, nor do I collect it. But I saw it and thought of my mother-in-law. She is into her garden and has rocks. So I thought she could maybe put this in her garden. I don't know how well it will hold up in the elements since it is painted. Maybe she can keep it inside by her plants. I don't know it just spoke to me and I had to buy it. I sort of feel guilty that I didn't buy my mom one. I will have to make up for it with something else I think.

My grocery store mission was a success and so were the cookies:
They were gingerbread cookies, I topped some with green sugar and the rest are plain. They were perfect for dunking in milk if you are into that sort of thing. Otherwise they were crispy perfection. I think the mister appreciated these after a long day of helping his sister move. Poor guy! I felt bad for him.

24 Days left till Germany!

09 March 2012

The doctors have been telling Porky Pies!

Or if you much prefer: I have health insurance and my doctor wants to take advantage of the ability to bill them (and me) for whatever the fuck they deem 'necessary'.

A little back story: I am unhealthy or as my husband says, "You don't have the superior Scandinavian genes like I do ". I grew up having asthma this kinda puts me at risk for catching pneumonia easily from simple chest colds. I have had anemia and I guess it's kinda common in my family? I don't know, all I know is my sister had it and I am over it now. Diabetes also runs in my family, so keep my weight down in hopes of never getting it.

01 March 2012

Month #2 at the gym; complete.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme, Intro
The Good
  • I seem to be acquiring a butt. This may be bad for some people, namely the ones that say they look at pizza and gain weight. I am one of those few that has no ass. I have to wear belts with EVERYTHING because I have no ass to hold up my pants. Not to mention my hips belong to those of a 12 year old boy. So the benefits of working out shows, on my butt muscles, in a positive way. Maybe now when I sit on a curb my butt won't hurt as much.
  • My boobs have suddenly become much perkier. I guess I have been building up my pecs from all the swimming I have been doing. My boobs are super perky and the strange little fat side rolls from my bra decided to pester someone else now. This is a good thing!
  • I went to have my blood work done on my anemia and vitamin levels, doc says my vitamin levels are where they should be. I am also no longer anemic. She advises that I get another set of labs done in 3 months to make sure I am still doing well. Hooray! I only have to take one iron pill a day instead of 3 and my multivitamin. She even told me that I look pink and healthy!
The Bad
  • I had the flu in February. After I got over the flu, I caught a cold. So I neglected going to the gym. I was going five days a week but I didn't feel well so I stayed home more often than usual. I also didn't want to share my awesome plague with the other gym members. I tried to go to the gym between sicknesses and I was just so exhausted after. I decided I would wait it out till I was okay instead of just prolonging feeling sick.
  • I failed to weigh myself because I don't keep a scale at home and I wasn't at the gym as much as I wanted to go. So the last time my weight was checked I was down 2 more pounds (total of 6 pounds lost) at the doctors office, that was about two weeks ago. I will try to better track my weight from now on. I also don't track my measurements, is that important?
And The Ugly
  • Chlorine fucking sucks! It makes my skin feel tight and itchy, yes I shower immediately after getting out of the pool. It has also caused my hair to start falling out. Luckily I have tons of hair and I am not too worried. But it is counter productive when I am finally, after decades of short hair, trying to grow it out. So I need to get a swim cap; problem solved. I just hate how much hair I lose when I brush and wash my hair. And I think the lack of fullness that I am used to is making me more paranoid about it. The mister says my hair looks just fine, sometimes I wonder if he is just saying it to be nice.