14 March 2012

The Lorax

I went to watch The Lorax with my mom on Monday. My sister invited me to go with her and mom, but my sister ended up having to work. But I still took my mom to the movies to watch The Lorax. I live under a rock and had no idea The Lorax was even in theaters! Thanks Sylvia for the movie tickets and letting me have some nice quality time with mom.

Anyone who knows my mom or about my mom, knows she loves her garden. Those damn roses!!!! As a kid, she would have us go out and help pull weeds. I HATE(D) pulling weeds. I purposefully find apartments with little to no yard OR with a gardener included. Don't get me wrong I will be the first one to play in a pit of mud or a sand box but I hate pulling weeds. I also hate tending to plants. I do NOT have a green thumb. I kill things. But last year I was given a plant, a coleus to be precise. Well it's still alive but it looks terrible, I was unaware of how to trim it. So it looks like a very tall green stick with a few leaves at the top. I want to start over withit but I am afraid of killing it. This Christmas I was given a Cypress tree, it's still a sapling and alive. (I think my husband is to thank for keeping my plants alive.)

When I was a kid my mom gave me The Lorax, she probably got tired of me cursing plants, trees and especially her 'precious roses'. God I still hate her roses, they are a death trap and they are out for my blood, I know it. But I digress, I read The Lorax and fell in love with it. I loved the characters, animals and especially the message behind the story. Granted, I still bitched about the god awful yard work. The only thing I did not mind doing was mowing the lawn, I would volunteer just to keep from having to pull weeds.

Watching the movie stirred the same emotions as reading the book did. More than just the love for greenery but also the fact that we have to take care of the nature we already have. We can't mistreat the resources we have or pollute and dirty the world without consequences.

Check out the movie, I did not watch it in 3d. I kinda wish that I had because it looked like it could have actually been worth it. I hate going to watch a 3d movie just to realize it was a waste and end up with a slight headache from eye strain. This one I would have enjoyed and probably would have deemed the eye strain worth it. One thing I could have done without was the songs, blech they were god awful. The auto tuned end credit song was THE WORST, in my opinion. I saw a bunch of little girls at the end of the movie go to the front of the theater and dance along to the song. So, it works well enough for little kids. I can't really complain too much as this movie really is geared for children but being a Lorax lover I had to go.

The very next day I got an email from a friend's wife about something called a Tower Garden I am really interested in getting one! After watching the Forks Over Knives documentary and wanting to eat more natural, fresh foods than I normally do; I have been thinking of ways to eat fresh more often. A home garden would be perfect but I have NO space for a garden. Until now!

The best part? NO WEEDS!!! Ha! No pulling weeds AND I can grow fresh in my back patio. I think these towers are an awesome answer to people who live in urban areas.

This can easily fit in my back patio area that is not much more than a 4x6 concrete slab. Growing my own would help cut cost in what I spend at the store. It would also cut cost and time needed to get to the store to get fresh produce several times a month. It's hard to eat fresh when you have to continually go buy more fresh produce.

The possibilities are endless with what I can grow and what type of meal planning I can do. Living in Santa Maria also affords me the luxury of growing year round!

Thanks Jevie for telling me about the Tower Garden. =^.^=

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