30 December 2011

What?! Hahahaha oh yeah!

I totally bought these and they were pretty tasty. Apparently puto is a type of cookie made in the Philippines. I guess growing up in a Spanish speaking area puto means something else. @_@

28 December 2011

27 December 2011

Cute but not so tasty.

The eyes and nose were chocolate chips, the ears were peanuts and the tail was red licorice. It was super adorable but very try and tasteless.

20 December 2011


It nags you to save? Hmm this might come in handy for those who have a hard time setting money aside. Every penny counts!

15 December 2011

I made omurice.

Okay so it looks really plain, I know. But since Joey has some problems eating tough foods and he has been nauseous from pain medication, I made omurice. I have been passing this recipe because I am NOT a fan of eggs with tomato sauces (ketchup and the like). I actually think scrambled eggs and ketchup look disgusting! But I figured this would be filling, easy to chew and also not too tough to digest. I followed the recipe below:

The only thing I did differently was omit the ketchup on top of the omelet which is why it looks so plain. After I started eating it, I decided it needed some heat so I added Cholula to it. So a nice hot sauce works better as a topping than ketchup for my taste buds. I was delightfully surprised at how tasty the chicken rice turned out even though the mixture called for ketchup. I will definitely make this again. Next time I hope to try Cooking With Dog's recipe:

14 December 2011

Secret Santa revealed!

So today we got our final Secret Santa gift AND found out who the person was. I thought I knew when the Secret Santa gifts started coming in when I got a wind up toy, I had a feeling it was Karen. But then the other gifts didn't really seem to give any more hints, I thought it may have been Michele. I should've stuck with my gut instinct, it was Karen! She was very happy to be my Santa as we both are into arts and crafts. I am really excited to put the amazing scrapbook paper to use! The stickers are also amazing.

I failed at taking a picture of the gift I gave to my person. Needless to say Jared was the only guy playing these reindeer games and I got to shop for him. It was so much fun and easy! His final gift was totally a manly snack gift basket. Contents: beer, nuts, cheese, summer sausage, crackers, some chocolate and I even threw in a glass cross candle holder with a scripture written on it and some tea lights. He loved all of it and I am happy that he did.

13 December 2011

Christmas party make up tutorial.

I am half way tempted to go to a Christmas party just so I can look this ridiculous.

09 December 2011

Secret Santa Week 2

This week I got more snacks and my doggies got some fluffy toys to play with too!

05 December 2011

A chola Christmas?

For some reason I can see the neighbors down the way playing this in their house (or bumping it from their car). While sippin’ their forties and smackin’ the bitches. Seriously my neighbors are hoodlums and I wish they would just explode. Merry Christmas to me if they do!

01 December 2011