31 August 2012

I found Sarah Silverman's long lost sister!

I had a bit of the writers block?  Yes, the writers block and then I had to take it back old school, "Cause who gives a fuck about hos?"  I have had a few topics on my mind but nothing stood out until today.  This is number one on my list cause bitches be cray-zeh.  The next one hits closer to home for people that are parents who deal with bully kids in school.  I don't have kids but I will be damned  if my little nephews have their asses handed to them or no good reason.  {{EDIT: I never saw myself as a bully but damn I was a bit of a tyrant :( Mean!  Karma?  I didn't have any kids so my sister's boys have to pay for my dumb ass. Post coming shortly!}}

22 August 2012

Skinny Jeans

Being a working girl that wears jeans on the daily causes a lot of wear and tear on my pants.  Why you ask?  Well I do crawl around under desks quite often.  [Insert inappropriate joke here.]  Really though wearing slacks or even worse; skirts to climb up ladders and under desks is just bad juju.  Let's just say my jeans have seen better days.  If they don't have holes in the knees already, the material is getting pretty thin and on it's way out.

My problem?  I hate shopping for jeans.
Why?  Skinny jeans.

The hot trend for jeans for a while now has been the skinny jean.
Here is what they are meant to look like:

18 August 2012

Clerks (AV Edition) Part 3

Now back to our normally scheduled programming and the final installment of my adventures as an AV clerk.  You can read about Part 2 and Part 1 if you feel the need.  My 3 part saga was interrupted by life and work and mostly just life.  But now for what you have all been waiting for, the end! 

16 August 2012

Bite your style!

Okay so the above video has nothing to do with the post aside from being a biter and following Kathryn's lead with sharing girly stuff like nail polish awesomness and polka dots. (I know, I know... I'm not Aussie, but I wanted to play along!)

The song popped into my head when I thought of myself biting her style (err rather blog post Nailed).  I hadn't bothered painting my finger nails in quite sometime.  Probably because I stopped buying the stuff and I got lazy.  Since this summer was full of weddings and lady parties, I started following suit and painting my nails too.  Now I have been considering getting my own nail polish and rebuilding my polish collection.

08 August 2012

Pissing In Public

I interrupt your Clerks (AV) Edition broadcast to bring up a beef I have in my apartment complex (in general really).

Public Uriniation

Last night my mom and I had a lovely dinner.  On my way back home I saw this billboard:

Baño=bathroom in Spanish.  So peeing outside is a good thing?  Es fácil ser hombre con carácter= It's easy to be a man with character.

01 August 2012

Clerks (AV Edition) Part 2

If you have been following along with my posts regarding my employment at an AV store this is part 2: Angry Customers.  You can enjoy the prologue here and part 1 here.

Angry customer destroyed a T-Mobile store.
This guy from Manchester tore up a T-Mobile store because they refused to give him a refund.  That's some anger right there.  The guy wanted a refund for something that was out of his terms and conditions so he had himself a hissy.