28 December 2008

Oh happy days!

A special little birdie with dreadies and two cute kids dropped off a care package for me at my house. In this box of wonder was THIS:

Even some of the user guides came with the games, ahhh moments of nostalgia like these are what I live for. Oh yeah and now I have the stupid gun so I can play Duck Hunt again, happy days! So yeah, I ended up playing Super Mario Bros. 3 till late o' clock last night with the beau.... bad choice. I am tired today and didn't get laundry done, which I had planned on doing.

I have extras of a few games.... get at me if would be interested in something I have a dupe of.

13 December 2008


I got photo shopped into the best tasting place on Earth!!! Yes, and when I go there my teeth are immune to the effects of sugar. No dentist and all the candy my heart desires... I am never every coming back from this place of awesome tasty.

And now that we are on the subject of tasty, my trainee at the pizza place got bit by a dog. She didn't report it and neither did I, should I??? I am not a little cheese eatin' squeaker but my main concern is that the vicious beasty lives right across the street from a grade school and the fence is not tall enough to contain its rabid teefers from attacking others. Anyways... I feel bad for mail carriers and any other delivery person that has been attacked by some morons unmaintained animal. My friend said the only good pit bull is a dead one, I don't agree with her on this feeling. But I do agree that a vicious dog does need to take the perma-doggy nap. Any dog has the potential to be violent and uncontrollable but it doesn't mean any breed is better than others. Anyways I hate stupid people that call up a pizza place, have a dog that has a history of biting and doesn't bother warning people that are coming with a delivery to beware of their dog or call when we get to the curb. So stupid! And then on top of the woman being rude, she verbally expressed that the trainee getting bitten is OUR fault for coming in the fence. The fence is not a very tall one and a sign was posted at the far end of the yard about knee level where it is not visible at all (I only saw it AFTER I was told it was there, and even then I had to look around cause it was not easily visible). Needless to say a sign posted should be RIGHT IN FRONT of the gate not knee high in some random corner of the yard. Not only that but from what I understand, a 'Beware of Dog' sign does not remove liability of the owner if someone gets bitten. Cause a dog that bites is viewed poorly and would be put down no matter who they bite, if it is reported that is. I still think that someone ordering a pizza should warn the delivery person or tell them to call when they get to the house instead of coming to the gate or knocking on the door. Oh yeah the dogs bolted out of the front door and attacked AFTER I had knocked on the door.... sooo uh yeah I wanna poison the dog. I know that sounds terrible but dammit better a dead mean bitey dog than a mauled 2nd grader or pizza person.

07 December 2008

Family Resemblance

You know how you can tell when people are related... they look similar or have similar mannerisms. See the example below, it's a family picture... and we all seem to make the same stupid faces. We are all pretty much the same shade of brown, hey shut it! We are Mexican not dirty! Anyways, I wanted to say I love my family... we are all quirky and strange but damn we all look good. Too bad there isn't enough to go around...

Here is another family resemblance.... this is Beetlejuice.... the Joker's overbearing mean brother. See the look on Joker's face, that's the face that comes from being the picked on, younger, bitter little brother. I mean at the rate he is balding he will be bald before his older brother Beetlejuice goes all bald. But ya see what I mean about mannerisms and appearance... similar! I wonder what their parents looked like.

I bet you know what this thing's parents looked like..... Scary? Yes. Cute? Yes! Is it yelling profanities of love at you? HELLS Yeah!!!!!! I wonder if every time it commits suicide it has to resurrect and kill itself all over again? Only the shadow knows!

03 December 2008

High School Diploma

I found this in my desk while cleaning. It's been around 15 years since I graduated and I still have this floating around. It's a laugh because I only picked it up from the high school back in ‘05 when I started working for the high school district. I might as well proudly display it since it seems more and more kids these days never attain a high school education. I even graduated with cords because I got good grades.

02 December 2008

Wine and a Shirley Temple

Drinking responsibly is tasty.... glass of wine and Shirley Temple. At first guess I would say some grama brought her grandkid to the bar..... Wine for me and Shirley Temple for you sonny, extra cherries please.

Really though on a serious note... I have heard that as of the first of the year BAC in California is .01 for a DUI which means pretty much zero tolerance. Now I dunno if this is true or not but it seems to be the biggest baddest rumor I have heard in a while. I should ask a police person or Google this.... I think Google. :)

01 December 2008

First Xmas card of the season

I will have to boast this by far will probably be my favorite card I will get the whole season long... sorry if you feel bad before I get your card. But just look!

This is a card from Screamerclauz!!!! If you can't read what it says, here is a translation of the awesome chicken scratch: "Dick Blood (Open card for more info)"

And I open the card and its says: "Dearest Susie, I'm going to come over and slice chunks out of my cock and wipe it all over your stuffed animals. That way I can teach them a lesson about life. Love always, Screamerclauz." God I love that man! Can't wait to see him at EOTW so he can molest my bear again. Yes he and I have a report with my stuffed animals.

05 November 2008

Present? For me?!

One of the girls here at the office knows I have a thing for HK. So this morning she brought me an HK PEZ dispenser! Wooohoooo!!!!

28 October 2008

So I want this...to blog on the go!

And now my head is in the ad. It makes me think of how excited I really would be if I got this teeny tiny puter. See my face? That's excitement!

26 October 2008

Sushi fun times.

Except I forgot to take a picture of the awesome masterpiece before I devoured it. I had a tiger-eye roll. It had squid, salmon, krab, carrot, avocado and all kindsa different saucy stuffs. It was good mmm mmm good. I didn't even have room to eat the flower!

07 October 2008

Domo goes Halloween shopping.

The hat looked soo good on him, but he said he wanted a more fitted look. He was worried that he would lose his hat at any of the various Halloween parties he will be attending. I wish I didn't have to work so I could go with him.

I personally think the glasses work for him. He thinks the glasses are a bit much he doesn't want Mr. Usaji to think he is making fun of him. I think he should be Mr. Usaji for Halloween, we would just need to find him some bunny ears and he would be set!

03 October 2008

My other, other, other, other nephew.

This is Aiden I think that's how his name is spelled but I dunno. I haven't seen him in a long time and he is starting to grow FANGS!!!! Luckily he can't stand up yet cause then it would be a little mobile chomping machine. Chomping machine=Susie approved! Go get em biter!

03 September 2008

This can't be a good sign of what's to come.

Sooo I know that our nation is in economic strife, California had a huge budget cut to education. And there have been rumors going around that certain government employee paychecks will be IOU's and the like.... WOW!!!! So today I read this, it was sent out to an undisclosed district:

"Please ignore the rumors floating around from other state agencies and districts regarding the issuance of “IOU”s or vouchers. Our district will issue regularly scheduled payroll warrants on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.

Although there is not an approved state budget, our district has sufficient cash to cover the payrolls for several months. Each year we calculate our cash flow needs and issue Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs) to assist us to meet our cash needs throughout the year. This year is no exception. "Our district is solvent with sufficient cash on hand to meet its obligations."

WOW again! Kinda makes you wonder if there ARE indeed places that are getting IOU's or vouchers instead of their hard earned pay. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.... The rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer. What used to be the middle class is either falling into poverty or stepping on every head they can to climb the economic ladder to avoid being in the middle, which really is turning to poverty anyways. Education is suffering, we are making our youths into poor, dumb, people.... so much for our future. Idiocracy anyone? I look back ten years and could have seen this one coming. And I thought I hated high school then because of their need not to just let kids slip through the cracks. Well the fact that there is this money pit called 'no child left behind' is really starting to piss me off. I mean, what about all the kids that are prepared to learn, that are wanting and striving to do their best? They get to be dumbed down because they have to play the waiting game for kids that either have no interest or should be in other programs?

Aright aright I am gonna be quiet again, bury my head in the sand and keep on listening to music and the like. Stuff to keep my mind off of this sinking ship that is life. Not like I am gonna propagate the problem... already enough dumb people in the world plaguing the population with even more stupid people.

14 August 2008


I am gonna watch this and all the special features after I finish up with laundry. So after I got home I tried to watch Wall-E but my attempt failed, the movie skips sporadically the first 20 minutes and then randomly from time to time after that.... it sucks. So I took it back to Target and the same happens with it. So I am going to try it later on my computer to see if maybe my player is getting too old to play stupid Disney 'don't steal my movie by ripping' shit on it. Stupid dvds and their stupidness!

14 July 2008

My daily view on the way home.

I park by the high school buses. Over ten years since I was in one and I still see them everyday. One of these days I wanna drive a bus, but not for a living or anything. Just around the block or something stupid. I think it would be something interesting to try.

03 July 2008

Pictures from some hidden place.

Sometimes there is a ghosty in my machine that likes to horde random pics of me. Kinda like the ferret likes to hide shiny stuff from me.... Soooo these pictures were found in a random spot so I figured I would post em for ease of access and that way I know where they are at all times.

Here is a really neat pic that Susie took of the Susie's driving through bat country... There was much driving, laughter and fun to be had. And now I am old and bored, hooray for life!

This picture is just all sortsa good in many ways. Let me count the ways:

1. Domo says, "RAAAAR!" Angry eye shape and get in my eat hole hand motions included for added fun times. Lucky for you he is only 2-d and stuck to a car.

2. Smoke, die of cancer, smoke, die of cancer, smoke, die of cancer.... The reflection compels me! I mean what more could you want than to know that there is a cigarette in the picture? So for the smoker it kinda puts the idea in your head that, "Man I sure could go for a smoke right now. Be right back!".

3. Bryan adding his own special sort of creepy for us all to enjoy.

4. And finally the carnivorous tree Bryan had no idea had been stalking him till this crucial moment. Luckily the tree is not a vampire cause then you would not have seen the reflection..... and he would not either. He totally woulda been eaten by that wood monster. I say chop em down before they get any ideas and unite. Then we would all be screwed. Kill the trees!!!!! Kill emmmmm!!!!!!

29 June 2008

Super socks!

So this morning in my stuffy nosedness I remember Lily was going to bring me some awesome socks. They are super stripey and super long... like over my knee long! And they were the perfect comfort item for my 'I don't feel good' mood today.

15 June 2008

Sick and tired!

I am getting sick and tired of being told to watch what I do, say or write because I may offend someone.  Well, I don't care.  If you have a fear that I might offend you, your family or friends.... leave me the hell alone.  I don't have a yeild sign in my head, much less a stop sign.  I strongly suggest that you avoid me like the plauge if you are worried for your sake or others you may care about.  Argh!  Fuck! Seriously, I don't have the time, will power or care in the world to watch what I say, do or write.

I hate people.  Even people that are close to me get worried about my "behavior". I am not a damn, nose picking, potty mouthed, two year old.  I do NOT need to be disciplined or shushed.  If you can't handle the way that I am as an adult then it's your problem not mine.  Go make babies you can boss around if that's what you want to do.  I am sure there is nothing I can say or do that people have not already been exposed to or won't eventually be exposed to anyways.  So what's the big deal?

Yes I will offend your mothers.  Yes I will scare the children.  Yes people will consider me ill mannered.  I will make people cringe or shake their head in distaste.  You will hear things you do not want to hear or care to.  I will write whatever I feel like writing because I can.  (Come break my fingers, I dare you!)  I will do what I want to do because I don't need a mom or dad looming over me to make sure "I am okay."  Fuck, I am okay.  I go to work, pay my bills and other lame stuff that I am obligated to do to keep food in mah belly and shelter over my head.  So everyone can just fuck off, the next time any one feels the urge to even remotely consider telling me to watch what I do; things will probably not be pretty.

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." - George Washington

I don't quite feel like shutting up and being a mindless "yes man".  I don't feel like putting a cork on my thoughts or voice or behavior.  This is my personality, if you do not like it, avoid/ignore me.  I will be more than happy to do the same.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program of distasteful craps.

02 June 2008

Education. Where is it going?

Is it increased stupidity, extreme laziness or just the creative side in people coming out? You decide. I distinctly remember hating math so much I would eat questions from the test, use the eraser vigorously on the problem or just refuse to finish the exam. One time I was after school for an hour breaking pencils cause dammit I couldn't figure out the concept of subtracting multi-digit numbers. I was a slow math learner..... I still use my fingers. I did make it through Algebra with an 'A' but it was a lot of hard work. Still the below examples make me laugh.

Now these just plain made me freakin' crack up! I know there are people that do not do well under pressure. I know there is test anxiety out there, but shit I would give some credit on the creative responses. And then try to figure out what tutorial help is needed to get a kid this cool to pass.

Now, this is one for the fucking record books. How do you explain this to your parents? What kind of reprimand/reward would you get from them for this behavior? And I wanna know what the note to the parents of the girl said! Shoot this one had me laughing for hours! I had to keep reading it in disbelief. It's like: No no you interrupted us on the practice field, now we gotta go finish, IN CLASS.

08 April 2008

Thinking of You

I really do mean it, I do think of you, even the yous I dunno and may never meet... 

It sucks being too nice for your own good. It sucks wearing your heart on your sleeve. 

Insensitive people take, take, take and never give back. It's all about reciprocity and the soul starts to wear thin when all you do is give and receive nothing in return. 

I wish I could tell everyone on Earth to be that way, of course no one ever listens when anyone talks. Especially when what is being talked about is a good idea. Most people are quick to jump on the bad idea wagon cause it's easier. But dammit it's all I have to give and I can't stop giving... stupid brain machine in my skull!

I need to be a taker not a giver.

31 March 2008

Toof Doctah Again

I need a tooth pulling and last night while eating chicken more tooth broke off. All this after I was told that it would cost 'X' dollars unless the tooth broke apart during pulling or if my sinus cavity gets ruptured from the pulling. Apparently my #2 tooth has a root that sits too close to my sinus cavity for comfort. So there is a possibility of making a giant hole that goes from my sinus cavity to my mouf.... sweet jeezus! So if that happens or infection happens it means serious surgery. Anyone got a pretty penny I can borrow, it's been kind of a rainy day. By George, I swear when it rains it pours.... **Edit: It's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg to get the toof pulled. Hooray for insurance! Unless the tooth pulling does not go as planned.**

On a side note. Bullshit because I was supposed to check on a chick to make sure she didn't leave with some douche bag. Shoot, do overs! Some people deserve douche baggery. I am getting really tired of tall people thinking it's cute to pick me up against my will.... and really I hate it when they try to toss me down. Seriously I have a hurt shoulder that I have been baby'ing for about a week cause it hurts. It's almost impossible to sleep. And some Amazonian dumb cunt decides it will be cute to pick me up and drop me on my head?! WTF?! You don't see me running around and dropping midgets on their heads to make myself feel better and show the short people who the tall ones are. It's full of fucking stupid and I am sick and tired of it. I enjoy tall people for their ability to reach for items that are too high for me to reach and I enjoy being picked up by my tall friends for awesomeness hugs. 

But seriously don't fuck with people cause they are short, they are born that way. I mean it's almost as fucked up as fucking with the kids on the short bus. Sure, some people find it amusing but seriously those people are just unhappy with themselves and can't think of a more productive way to smile.

I am seriously done!

No more going out, no more dealing with people, no more family, no more boyfriend. Just me doing what I need to do personally to progress in this shitty life and fuck what everyone else needs from me.

I need myself and my sanity... I can't do this 'people' thing anymore... yeah that's social butterfly talking. And I swear my wings are done being tattered and torn out, it's against my safety and well-being to be that way.

I hope that stupid bitch ends up taking off with some douche bag the next time and date raped.  I refuse to help people any longer.

14 February 2008

Things that run in the family.

Sneaking food!!!

Don't worry Lily I won't tell mom.... she might call you fat or something horrible like that. I think she might have a fun house mirror that she looks at or poor vision that makes her look skinny. Dunno which one but seriously we are NOT fat, she is.... but don't tell her I said that she might get all scrappy and water her lawn. If only she would get scrappy and wash dishes or clean house. Oh well!

Notice how we all make strange faces in pictures. I would say I enjoy candid shots for the stupid faces we all make but darn if we don't have cute dimples!

Don't tell grandma! Hey what happened to his head?! Does he fall on his face all the time like I do too?


Notice; silly willy face and cute dimple time.

Maybe his dimples haven't grown in yet. Malachi, where the heck did you leave your dimples?!

No dimples.... and someone, can someone get Lucas some teeth please. I swear he loses them and what, they never grow back? That's not how it's supposed to work. Maybe I can score him some Pepsodent and some plastic vampire fangs... not the gothy emo ones. The cool plastic ones you get as a kid at Halloweenies time.

For the love of god! He has no dimples either?! Pfft you guys lose... Lily we win! Ha ha!

Stop with the canned smiles we need some goof ball faces... Man those little boys clean up nice. I like them when they are dressed all cute and in pictures. ***They can't make me sticky or deaf.***

I love how my nephews address me: "Umm, 'scuse me Princess of Power do you want to play video games?" Oh yes, I only answer to She-Ra Princess of Power. Kills my mom but heck that's my name till they grow up and realize its totally a farce or see who Princess of Power really is. Regardless I am sure they will still call me Princess of Power for nostalgic reasons.

16 January 2008

What is a sister?

She is your mirror shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child. 

~Barbara Alpert~ 

I love my sisters! One day I walked into my office on my way back from lunch and what do my eyes spy??? A bouquet of flowers in a gigantic margarita glass with a balloon that says I love you.  My first thought was WTF?! Who did that?! And I saw it had orchids and lilies and I assumed it had to be someone who knows me well because those are two of my three favorite flowers.  And as I approached I was like hmmm maybe it was Lily cause she left me at the bar hehehee.... And upon closer inspection it was from Sylvia. Shocked, surprised and teary eyed I had to read the card:  
To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or a confidant -- It is to have a soulmate for life. - Victoria Secunda

Man if that isn't the truth. I have and have always had a great relationship with my sisters Lily and Sylvia. I am lucky and blessed because I do have a sister out there that none of us have a loving relationship with. I pity her because she is missing out on the company of two of the best women I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. We laugh together, we cry together and have grown up together. It's a damn shame that it took me going through a divorce to have the relationship with my sisters grow in strength. My one and only requisite in life now is to never become involved with someone that would jeopardize my relationship with my sisters. They have always been there and always will be until we die and even then nothing can destroy the bonds of sisterhood.

I had a rough Sunday morning once (more often than not), I was feeling like crap and I really did feel like dying. My heart hurt and I was feeling hatred for humanity, I didn't want to go to my friends wedding but I did and it made me mad, sad.....whatever. I just went and found Lily, buried my head into her shoulder and told her I didn't want to live. I told her I was having a hell of a time dealing with life and people. I told her I just wanted to crawl into bed and never wake up. I told her I was having problems again, I get these bouts of depression and I know my sisters are there for me. So I cried for a good while... even Jenn wanted to comfort me but I wasn't having it. It takes a sister that has been there since her first day of life to understand my complexities.

A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.