30 September 2009

Strange Dreams

Once upon a time when I first started making changes in Active Directory and remotely connecting to servers here at work, I used to get nightmares. They were kinda lame funny ones but still, I was nervous about making mistakes. So basically I started maintaining all network accounts: deleting, creating, modifying. I was really nervous about making changes that would affect someones ability to connect up to our domain correctly. With the task of managing network accounts I would have to remotely log onto servers that are not located at the district office to move peoples personal files. So I had to be very careful and LOG OFF of the server I connect to instead of shut it down. Basically, "Never, ever, ever shut down the servers." --- Yes that is exactly how I was told, using a very serious tone.

I don't know if this applies to everyone or just nervous ninny's like me but with added responsibilities and an increase in work load I started having dreams about work. One of my recurring dreams involves me accidentally shutting down a server I was remotely connected to. Shortly thereafter, the sys admin shows up to pretty much chew my head off. Then after I get yelled at for messing things up, he chops my pinky fingers off! Yikes! I had this dream for a while and then one day I came into work and told the sys admin I was having dreams of him chopping my fingers off. He laughed and that's about when I realized that my fear was more comical than anything to be concerned with. I mean really in retrospect if I shut down a server accidentally, it would just mean an interruption in service that was not planned. No biggie really.

So that happened years ago, now at work I am the one that makes ALL the changes in AD because, well it became one of my duties. Last week our network administrator sent out an email asking all the network techs not to make changes in active directory. That all changes should go through me because after the change in AD occurs I usually have to move their group and home folders. In addition to that I also have to make sure that I update our master list and make sure all the changes reflect correctly in Exchange. So in a response to that email, I followed it up saying if they make any changes I will remove their pinky's and replace them with twigs. So the IT director who was CC'ed on this email asked me what's up with the pinkys and twigs, so I explained my silly dream that I used to have. This is the picture he sent out to the whole group asking if this is what I meant by replacing pinkys with twigs. It's good to know the group I work with has a sense of humor.

29 September 2009


Most people have that one person that they turn to when they need help, advice or just a non-judgmental listening ear (usually a parent or other such mentor). My grandma always had the right thing to say, she always knew when I was in need of help. I don't have her anymore and the older I get the more I miss her. The more I have been hoping to find someone with her knowledge, care and support that I can turn to for guidance.

28 September 2009

Corn on a stick.

When I first moved out on my own I lived on the west side of town which afforded me the luxury of street vendors. My two favorites were the paletero and the elotero, the elotero sells corn on a stick for a dollar. So when I moved to the not so Mexican east side of town I no longer got my tasty treats.

I pretty much forgot about them until I moved back to the west side! Not only is the paletero alive and well but so is the elotero! I also found out there are several carniceria's which sell the corn on a stick. Check out the picture below, it's the corn on a stick my little sister and I shared from a carniceria.

Is it good? I think so and so do many other people. This is the Mexican way of enjoying corn on the cob on a stick. I know most people have seen corn on the cob at county fairs and festivals. Usually it's yellow corn and you can smother it in butter. This is the way I usually see corn on a stick eaten. But I think the Mexican way is much more savory. How do you achieve this corn on a stick with a twist?

  1. Steam some corn, white corn is the best for this. But again that is personal preference.
  2. Smother the corn with mayo (you can use cream but I like mayo).
  3. Roll the corn around in some hard grated cheese. Parmesan works well because it's easy to obtain where I live but queso fresco is the traditional way. (You can also sprinkle the cheese on if you prefer it to rolling the corn in the cheese.)
  4. Optional! Chile powder, paprika works well in a pinch but any type of fine chile powder works well.
  5. Optional! Why stop at mayo and cheese? Pack on a few more calories with squeezy butter drizzled on the corn.

What was that you said? You are having a bbq? You are going to be grilling your corn, you say? Okay, well you can have it the buttery way, the way listed above OR try this:

  1. Cut a few lemons into wedges.
  2. Take your grilled corn and rub the lemon on the corn.
  3. Sprinkle with some chile powder.
Now I am hungry for corn AGAIN! Lastly I wanted to mention the appearance of a new street vendor; The Tamale Lady!!!! Oh dear lord I love tamales. And you can find random ladies selling tamales out of baby carriages or grocery carts. Some of them are expensive and some are not. The same goes for quality some are fair and some are fantastic. My favorite is the lady that only sells them on Sunday. She goes around the apartment complex I live in with a small lunch pail selling them for a buck a piece of 6 for 5 bucks. Once she runs out of that little lunch pail she is out till next Sunday. They are always steaming hot and the woman is very nice and very polite. Her children (she has 2 that she takes with her) are also well behaved which is shocking to see in my neighborhood.

26 September 2009

Being on time out.

Soooo... when you get a DUI, they take your license away. At first I really didn't care.... but now I am starting to care.

1. I can't drive... ANY vehicle until after I apply for a restricted license. In order for that to happen I have to get an SR-22, sign up for my DUI classes and then wait for DMV to approve my restricted license. IF they say yes, I gotta dish out 125 buckaroos (on top of the cash already spent on the SR-22 and DUI class). Lame!

2. I can't buy my own cigarettes!!!!!!! I have to resort to asking people to buy my smokes as if I was in high school. So fucking retarded. Oh and get this, you need an ID to buy lighters. Soooooo I, just today, had to resort to using my GTA IV matches that I have never used. I will never get these matches back when they are all used up. **Sobbing** I got them at the fucking ChaCha on my special little buddy trip like 3 years ago!!!!

3. I can't buy my own booze at a store... at all. I swear it's like they suddenly forgot I used to buy alcohol AND was old enough to buy it. So I either have one of two choices, I ask someone to buy my booze again (high school high school high school). Or I have the option of going into the many watering holes that I have frequented in town over the years for an over priced beverage. I mean depending on the beverage the price is worth it. But seriously if I want to have a beer with my burger, I would have to go eat a burger somewhere that knows me AND serves beer. Run on sentences anyone? I got more!

Okay that's enough of ranting :( I am sad panda.

24 September 2009

23 September 2009

Gifts from Wavy

My brother went to Cancun... And he dropped off a bracelet for me (the one on the right) and one for my sister Lily who was not home. I love my brother!

22 September 2009

Gift from Billy!

I wonder what's in the box???

Could it be something Hello Kitty related?

It is! It's a Tanuki Kitty!!!!

15 September 2009

I love the sky!

The sky is a beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary. ~ Alfred Kreymborg

I really enjoy the sky and I often stare off during the day and at night. But I want to see more than my typical sky:

I want to see the Aurora's at least one time in my life.

When I grow up I am getting the hell outta here. I gotta go check out the sky, the sky from a better vantage point.

I have always wanted to visit Alaska, I have to see it's icy cold beauty. And it also would afford me the chance to see the Aurora Borealis if I go visit Alaska during the right time of year. I have always planned on going with a friend or even going alone. I would have to carefully select who I would go with, if not alone.

Then on the flip side I have wanted to check out New Zealand, it's the youngest country on earth and you can see the Aurora Australis. I need to visit this place too before I die or become to jaded to care. One cool thing about New Zealand is I know people that have lived there. So I could at least get an idea of what to expect by talking to them.

So as soon as I sort out my little fine situation, money savings will begin and not cease until I have reached one of the two mentioned locations. I am not going to sit by the sidelines and let the things I need to happen in my life pass me by. Who knows I might want to move away from Santa Maria forever and go live in a far away place.

I don't want kids or to go to college or get married. I want to travel. I want to travel alone if possible so I can do what I want, when I want. No one has to worry about me and what I want to do. And I don't have to worry about others and their agendas. I would probably enjoy maybe a friend depending on the friend and their willingness to accompany me on my adventures. I tend to wing it often, even when I get lost when I go out of town I call it, 'Adventure'. We're not lost, it's an adventure.

03 September 2009


No, no, I would never cook my little doggy. But I had to take a picture of him fitting in my cereal bowl. Before I know it he won't all tiny and cute anymore.

I don't think his mother approved. @_@