18 June 2015


School's out for summer.  Which means two things, lots of work to do.  And no students or staff on campus.  With the exception of a few people that work through summer or are working summer school, the school is MINE. 

Before school let out, I asked the principal if I could use the shower in the Girl's PE office in the morning.  She said no problem!

This is good for me because I want to see if I can couple my training with a commute to work.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday my training dictates 4-6 mile runs.  The high school is just a tad over 3 miles away.  So if I plan my route properly I can run to work instead of training on the treadmill.

I would have to walk home or plan for public transportation.  I started this week and getting to work is the easy part.  Getting home, I have only managed to walk home once.  Yesterday my co-worker drove me home. 

In an effort to kill as many birds with one stone as I can.  I also joined a fitness challenge that runs through the middle of July.  Click here if you are interested in my goal to make money for the local humane society.  All of this is fine and dandy but I think I may be a little under prepared for my commute.

I leave the house when it is still dark.  I have blinking arm bands that I use so I can be visible to others.  And I ran down a route that I have walked on numerous times; but only in daylight hours.  During dark time there were a few areas that I felt a little uncomfortable running through.  So I modified my route.

The modified route is highly traveled by vehicles and brightly lit.  My biggest complaint is the driveways making my ankle twist, though only slightly, repeatedly because the tarmac is was not wide enough to share with vehicles.  I don't need to create a repetitive motion injury situation while I am trying to train. 

So I need to reassess my route a little more.  I have found a route that looks a bit more approachable in terms of avoiding a sports injury... but I may incur a different type of injury.  I have turned to a few running blogs and a few suggestions have been made to fend off an attacker: pepper spray/mace, knife and gun.

Pepper spray sounds like a good option.  In theory it sounds good to me.  Aim, spray and run like the wind!  But that means the attacker will most likely get away to have his try at another victim at a later date.  Or potentially me again!  Ugh the thought gives me the heebie jeebies!  I would most likely go for a gel formula so I don't have issues with wind blowback.  And maybe a UV reactive one, just in case I am able to get to safety and can call the cops.

I have the right to bear arms but I kinda don't want to.  I would be a shitty gun owner... cleaning and maintenance and such.  Ugh, I have a tedious time of keeping my car in proper working order and I use that often.  So I don't want to have to deal with the maintenance, weight while running, chafing from a holster or killing someone. 

Maiming on the other hand I guess I am okay with that.  But I am petite and knife may incur the wrath of an attacker and used against me.  Also there is always the old adage: don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

I've read that the knife/spray combo is best.  You spray, stab, run away and live to tell the tale.  Then you can call the cops and let them know the person glows under black light and may seek medical attention.  It's all a bit nerve wracking to think about all of this.  But I think if I have the proper shoes to avoid injuring my self, the proper attire to keep me visible to others... I need something to protect myself in case of attempted rape/murder.

Any suggestions?

Tomorrow is my birthday, I think I may have to at the very least gift myself some pepper spray.... so I can live to my next one.

05 June 2015


Almost a month late on this post. Not for a lack of time but just waiting.  This year Andy's dad and I had to make him call his mother on Mother's Day.  Few and further between are the requests for him to call home.  I can only assume lack of interest.  For a while, when he would get into trouble or misbehave he would ask to call home, I assume to complain about how unfair life is.  He has since gotten over that nonsense.