Here are some of the sites I like to frequent because I like to read.
Some of them I comment on but mostly I just read.
If you find yourself on this list and want off, please let me know.
If you find yourself off of this list it's because I got bored with the site and have moved on to bigger better things.

Sweet decorating ideas.

 Great stories about a guy from Sweden living in Tokyo.  His public transportation stories are the best!

A Japanese blogger from Tokyo who blogs in English.  His photos are pretty good and it's neat to see a natives take on their home turf.

eat your kimchi
Candians bloggers/vloggers living in Korea discussing music and culture.  I stick around for the culture.

Anna designs cute bento lunches for her husband and also is a plush designer.  She takes tons of pictures of what she works on so you can give it a try yourself.

One of my favorite sites to check out just for the writing talent alone.  Check it out if you ever have time.

Seriously the title says it all.  This guy is on a mission to try different ramen from different shops in Japan.  He takes pictures and offers a review on what he has.  He even links a map!

Luke Chueh
Luke Chueh's blog, not updated as often as his Tumblr but we all know how I feel about that.

My friend Susie's site to update the world on her mission to build and maintain a skatepark in Bangladesh.

Happy Yuan
Japanese housewife who blogs in English.

 Red and Jonny
Probably the cutest couple in all of the internet.

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