24 September 2014

Empty Bowls Part 1

Way back in January I had mentioned that I took a ceramics class with my little sister.  Little did I know that the pottery wheel and I would become the best of friends.  After the city class I took, I enrolled in a community college class with my little sister and I became a fiend, more on that later.  I promise to post about my first semester after this post.  Promise!  

Anyhow, I was introduced to a charity called Empty Bowls.  Pretty much the way it works is you buy your ticket, choose a bowl donated by a local artisan and then have soup in it.  You get to keep the bowl when all is said and done.  I donated a few bowls that I made last month to 5 Cities Homeless Coalition.

15 September 2014

Friday Fuckin' Sucks

Today started off on the wrong foot.  Or rather it started off without footwear.  My shoes were stolen while I showered at the gym.  I was getting dressed after my workout when I noticed my shoes were missing.

These were a pair of shoes my pop-in-law got me for X-Mas.  Gone.  At 4:30 am, there were only 5 older ladies at the gym.  Klepto grandma strikes again?  I dunno, I had to walk out of the joint barefoot, drive home and call the mister to bring me out a pair to wear to work.  I should have taken this as a sign of the type of day I was to have.