24 September 2014

Empty Bowls Part 1

Way back in January I had mentioned that I took a ceramics class with my little sister.  Little did I know that the pottery wheel and I would become the best of friends.  After the city class I took, I enrolled in a community college class with my little sister and I became a fiend, more on that later.  I promise to post about my first semester after this post.  Promise!  

Anyhow, I was introduced to a charity called Empty Bowls.  Pretty much the way it works is you buy your ticket, choose a bowl donated by a local artisan and then have soup in it.  You get to keep the bowl when all is said and done.  I donated a few bowls that I made last month to 5 Cities Homeless Coalition.

These were just a few of the bowls people donated for the charity event. 

This is the bowl I selected.

And here is a really blurry picture of the line to get my soup.

Pictured below are the bowls I donated.
This one kinda looks like a chain-smokers ashtray.

This one was pretty popular with my fellow potters.

Not a fan of this one and it slightly warped in the last firing.

This glazing turned out a happy accident.

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