29 August 2013


I have noticed that a few Wordpress sites have been eating my comments.  :(  Boo, sad face!  I have had problems posting to the below sites.

Stay Over Night Skatepark >> Sorry Susie, I swear I am not ignoring you!  Wordpress hates me.

There are probably other sites but I stopped paying attention.  I have tried other browsers and other computers.  So just shy of getting a Wordpress account for the purposes of commenting, I think I will just have to deal with it.  Kinda sucks.  So if any other Blogger user has had problems and you were automagically able to fix it, let me know what you did.  Otherwise, I will have to think about getting a Wordpress so I can comment on other blogs which really blows.

Maybe it's really me and my email address is just blocked because I am far too opinionated.  Nah, that couldn't be it at all.

Edit:  As Cameron had mentioned, it may be due to xanax being in my web address.  I confirmed it this morning on Gaijinwife's blog.  DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!

21 August 2013

Noble Ale Works

Seeing as I will be driving down again to Costa Mesa this Thursday, I figured I better make my beer post about the last time I drove down.  I got in touch with hardkoretom who suggested Noble Ale Works.  I decided to give it a try and take another opportunity to chat with a fellow blogger after a day of relaxing and then shopping.  I got there before he did and settled in to decide on what I would fancy for my first visit.

17 August 2013

And yet I tolerate you....

Recently a title suggestion for my blog made me chuckle, "Domestic Adventures of a Reluctant Stepmom".  Except it feels more like misadventurous adventures than anything else.  Reluctant yes, very, if I had a crystal ball that let me peer into the now about two months ago when the bomb was dropped.  Would I have high-tailed it to the hills of Rome?  Or would I be experiencing these misadventures still?

15 August 2013

Too Good To Be True

Usually when you think it's too good to be true, it is.  And in this case it really was too good to be true.  Though there was still that little silver lining that made the phone/phone service acceptable.  Or at least acceptable for my foreign exchange student.

Just a little back story, I have hosted 11 exchange students from different countries.  During that time only one owned a cell phone that they used here because he was a long term student.  He used it to keep in contact with his friends he made here and on rare, RARE, occasion contact the mother-ship.  Another student who was short term had a mini breakdown or culture shock or something.  The girl broke down crying about day 6 and insisted on calling home.  I think the tears and look of desperation caused me to break down and put international calling on my cell plan.  NOT CHEAP!  This was about 6 years ago, maybe things are different now.  I also kinda broke the rules as we are not supposed to have the kids contact the mother-ship.  But ya know what... 13 year old kid half way around the world, scared and homesick.  I broke the rules.  Whatever!

11 August 2013

Bathroom Nightmares

After bath time our floor was ending up completely soaked.  So we warned Andy not to make a wet mess of the bathroom or he wouldn't be able to have baths; only showers.  That night the shower ended up a soapy wet mess again, so we decided showers, until he can behave in the tub.  I still had yet to figure out how, if he was showering, the bathroom was ending up just as wet as when he had a bath.  The other night I was walking by the bathroom and I heard the shower running and saw the light from under the door flick off and on several times.  I had my hubs come ask him what he was doing.  He claimed he was showering still.  Apparently the floor was getting soaked because he would run to play with the light switch several times while taking his shower.   Why he runs between the light switch and the bathtub when he showers to flick the lights off and on a few times is beyond me.  Now we know how the bathroom ends up completely wet at least.  Issue has been addressed and the aftermath of bath time is much drier thankfully.  I don't even ask to know why anymore.

01 August 2013

Review: Rounderbum

A few weeks ago Rounderwear contacted me to ask if I would be so kind as to review a pair of their Rounderbum panties.  Given that I am an honest person and they were offering a free pair, I figured, what do I have to lose?  Right?  No there will be no pictures of my butt in this post.  As you will find out as you read on the underwears were not very flattering AND they kinda resembled granny panties.  Sorry panty pervs, no Susie butts in this episode.