11 August 2013

Bathroom Nightmares

After bath time our floor was ending up completely soaked.  So we warned Andy not to make a wet mess of the bathroom or he wouldn't be able to have baths; only showers.  That night the shower ended up a soapy wet mess again, so we decided showers, until he can behave in the tub.  I still had yet to figure out how, if he was showering, the bathroom was ending up just as wet as when he had a bath.  The other night I was walking by the bathroom and I heard the shower running and saw the light from under the door flick off and on several times.  I had my hubs come ask him what he was doing.  He claimed he was showering still.  Apparently the floor was getting soaked because he would run to play with the light switch several times while taking his shower.   Why he runs between the light switch and the bathtub when he showers to flick the lights off and on a few times is beyond me.  Now we know how the bathroom ends up completely wet at least.  Issue has been addressed and the aftermath of bath time is much drier thankfully.  I don't even ask to know why anymore.

Another little mess I have noticed in is toothpaste in the sink and all over the counter.  I assume he either
can't put the toothpaste on his brush well or he uses too much.  I ain't complaining, least he is brushing his teeth right?  Aside from doing the clean-up and trying to figure out how we are running out of toothpaste so fast, I didn't really pay attention to his oral hygiene.  Last night hubs explains to me that he will have to teach Andy how to properly brush.  Apparently he does use way too much paste and then lets the brush with paste run under the water for about a minute before brushing.  This, of course, effectively depositing the paste into the wash basin instead of his teeth.

Turns out his brushing skills are less than lacking.  I assumed at his age, he had mastery of teeth brushing.  I was wrong, he doesn't fully brush his teeth.  He just passes the brush, once over style, in his mouth and is 'done'.  I don't even dare to ask if he flosses.  When I was a kid I used a hand-held floss helper thingy, that's some technical jargon right there.  I don't have one, I am sure he probably needs one though.  I will have to ask the mister to throw in an extra lesson of flossing after the teeth brushing lesson.  

The trouble with the sunscreen continues... at this point I don't even want to know why it ends up in the tub.   This is the least of my worries.  I have had to hide my hand soap in my room as he has a bad habit of opening a new one instead of using what is there.  Why?  I don't even ask anymore.  I am glad to report he does lift the toilet seat and replaces it after urinating.  He also, thankfully, does not make my bathroom reek of urinal since he has good aim.  I can't say the same for our foreign exchange student.  Most of the time he fails to flush the toilet, doesn't lift the seat AND has terrible aim.  The last 12 days my bathroom has been cleaned twice and it gets smelly quick.  YUCK!  

What's worse is that I have grown accustomed to my guests, hubs and step-son having polite toilet etiquette.  Twice in the last 12 days I have had, "Oh fucking hell!" moments.  Both of course happen when I am half awake.  The first one was the wet toilet seat when I was just getting up in the morning.  I sleepily walked into the bathroom and, "Oh fucking hell!" my ass was wet with Chinese urine.  Another time, I woke up around 2 am to eliminate the beers I had earlier in the night.  I walked into the bathroom, sat down on auto-pilot and almost ended up with wet, cold ass.  Someone, no not someone, I know who left the toilet seat UP.  I didn't think I would be suffering something I had not since my early 20's.  Then again it has been about 5 years since I last hosted an exchange student.  I guess I forgot about the little things.

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