01 August 2013

Review: Rounderbum

A few weeks ago Rounderwear contacted me to ask if I would be so kind as to review a pair of their Rounderbum panties.  Given that I am an honest person and they were offering a free pair, I figured, what do I have to lose?  Right?  No there will be no pictures of my butt in this post.  As you will find out as you read on the underwears were not very flattering AND they kinda resembled granny panties.  Sorry panty pervs, no Susie butts in this episode.

The site looked to be made for guys as the target audience with padded understuff.  By understuff I mean padded muscle shirts, padded boxer briefs (with padding in front and back) and butt lifting boxers.  The lady underoos are padded butts, thighs and butt lifters.  I decided to choose something that was not padded because I thought padding would feel diaperish and look ridiculous.  My body type doesn't come with a big bubble butt, so putting one back there may have looked odd.  Or so I thought, so I opted for the butt lifters.

Her butt is computer generated not Rounderbum generated.
1.)  You can not lift what you do not have.  So aside from feeling my butt cheeks hugged by elastic and stretchy material, it did not create the illusion of a larger/rounder bum.
2.)  Forcing cleavage under my butt cheek gives a squished not rounder effect.  The elastic that hugs each cheek helps create cleavage between the cheek and top of the thigh.  When you have a small butt it just makes your butt look squished not round.  Kind of like a small bra gives you muffin tits not rounder boobs.  What is muffin tits?  It's like muffin top but with boobs. Ill fitting underwear is unsightly to me, both for the top and bottom bits.  But then again beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder I suppose.
3.)   The elastic has no grip.  Yes, more complaints about the elastic.  Aside from the elasticity there is nothing to keep it from riding up and really turning a pair of cheeks into quad-cheeks.  Hey, maybe that's attractive to some people right?
4.)  I can see how jockstraps are uncomfortable.  Those elastic bands that squish my butt, they are wide, extend all the way to the lady bits area and sort of pinch/hurt.  I found myself ducking into hidden corners to adjust my pinched skin.  The rest of the fabric was quite comfortable and airy.
5.)  The smallest size they come in is medium.  So the wide elastic that pinched my crotchal area was tight on my not fat legs/crotch.  But the waist part kept riding down because the smallest size the lift underoos come in is medium.

Who can benefit from the Low-Rise Boy Short Lift?
  • Ladies who already have an ass that need to combat the effects of age/gravity.
  • Ladies who are not petite or slender in the waist.
  • Ladies who do not mind cumbersome underwear.
  • Ladies who wear dresses.
How can Rounderwear improve on this Rounderbum underwear style?
  • Rethink the elastic to something perhaps a bit narrower.
  • Use elastic with grip on the cheek lifting portion to help keep the cheek lifted.  You know like the elastic rubbery bits on stockings that don't require a garter.
  • Offer a wider range in sizes and colors.
  • Perhaps offer a lower waist line, for low-rise underoos, they still were quite high-waisted.  (Could just be lack of ass and a big size that caused this problem for me.)
All in all, I think I selected the wrong underwear for my body size/type.   I should have opted for something with a little padding.  I assume the comfort level would have been better.  Aside from my assumption of feeling like I am wearing a diaper, I think the experience would have been better.  I hope Rounderwear will take some of my improvement suggestions into consideration.  I guess there is always a price to pay to look good by the given society standard.  Had I an ass to augment I am sure I would have suffered the elastic for the look of a perky ass.  I am curious to read any reviews the gents have to see how they feel about augmenting their lower goods with Rounderwear products.  Err, uh yeah, the muscle shirts, I meant muscle shirts, ahem.

Thank you Vanessa at Rounderwear for giving me the opportunity to try out your product.  I hope my feedback and review will help Rounderwear increase and better their product line.

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