29 August 2013


I have noticed that a few Wordpress sites have been eating my comments.  :(  Boo, sad face!  I have had problems posting to the below sites.

Stay Over Night Skatepark >> Sorry Susie, I swear I am not ignoring you!  Wordpress hates me.

There are probably other sites but I stopped paying attention.  I have tried other browsers and other computers.  So just shy of getting a Wordpress account for the purposes of commenting, I think I will just have to deal with it.  Kinda sucks.  So if any other Blogger user has had problems and you were automagically able to fix it, let me know what you did.  Otherwise, I will have to think about getting a Wordpress so I can comment on other blogs which really blows.

Maybe it's really me and my email address is just blocked because I am far too opinionated.  Nah, that couldn't be it at all.

Edit:  As Cameron had mentioned, it may be due to xanax being in my web address.  I confirmed it this morning on Gaijinwife's blog.  DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!

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