20 February 2014

Day 2 - Road to Hana (Part 1)

Day two in Maui started off quite early for us, it was still dark!  We wanted to get an early start to get to the start of the Road to Hana.  We wanted to leave early enough to beat any crowds and still enjoy the drive and scenery.  And also to enjoy a little zip-lining (more on that later).  I have read several places that taking your time and not rushing the drive allows you the benefit of fully enjoying the Hana Highway.  Though we didn't make it all the way to the end on this day, we were able to revisit the Hana Highway again during our trip.

Start of the Twin Falls Hike.

11 February 2014

Day 1 - South Maui

Our first morning in Maui we all woke up quite early due to the time difference.  I kept hearing noise and had a difficult time trying to get back to sleep.  I decided it would be a bright idea to walk down to the beach and enjoy the wee hours before Mr. Sun decided to wake everything up.  It was quiet, aside from a few birds and not a single soul could be seen up and down the coast from where I was.  I noticed the Pacific Ocean wasn't nearly as fishy smelling as it is back home.  So I had to taste it; not as salty either, I wondered why.  If I wanted to know the answer I would have consulted the all knowing Internet.... but I just wanted to enjoy the morning, sitting alone, contemplating life and watching the water.