20 February 2014

Day 2 - Road to Hana (Part 1)

Day two in Maui started off quite early for us, it was still dark!  We wanted to get an early start to get to the start of the Road to Hana.  We wanted to leave early enough to beat any crowds and still enjoy the drive and scenery.  And also to enjoy a little zip-lining (more on that later).  I have read several places that taking your time and not rushing the drive allows you the benefit of fully enjoying the Hana Highway.  Though we didn't make it all the way to the end on this day, we were able to revisit the Hana Highway again during our trip.

Start of the Twin Falls Hike.

That's the side street we took to get to our zip lining adventure.

This little guy had no fear of humans.
For our lunch break we took a trip to The Garden of Eden.  Well as close as I will probably ever come to "The Garden of Eden" anyways.  The peacock above was just one of the many that free roam the Arboretum.  He came up close to peck my sandwich out of my hand.  Look at his eye!  He seriously meant business. He did jab my hand but not hard enough to hurt me... if I would have stayed still and let me rob me of my nutrition I would have been safe.  Hungry, but safe!
This was the view we had while eating our lunch.

My mom and aunt combining their years young against this huge mango tree.

Seriously, huge tree and I still wasn't able to get it all in one shot!

Did you know Juicy Fruit Gum is flavored by Jack Fruit?  That is a Jack Fruit, it's really big!

Even the ocean was waving back at my sister.

There were so many beautiful places that we got the chance to see.  So many pretty plants and so many different birds.  I could be here all day just weeding through the pictures of our first day on the Hana Highway.

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