22 April 2013

Skirt or Shorts?

The other day after work I had to make a quick run to the grocery store.  I need to stop doing that during the day.  Events are getting scarier with each day time venture to the store.  Anyways,  on my way there I was lucky enough to be walking behind the Queen of Trashy.  I was so dumbstruck I had to take a picture.  I don't know if she heard the phone make the picture sound or not but I really didn't care.  I had to share the horrors.  

My question is, was this woman wearing a very short skirt or did her ass eat her shorts?

17 April 2013

Pet Peeve Number 5,304,239

Okay well maybe not that many, but I am sure this single complaint of mine takes up the majority of my five million plus AND counting peeves:

God damned unattended children.

Not just any unattended children.  Unattended children in stores specifically.

08 April 2013

Review: Steamers of Pismo

I am a fairly easy going restaurant patron.  I don't nit-pick everything to death but I do appreciate good food and good customer service.  I usually complain about how horrible service is at places I have eaten at.  I really should point out the good ones.  They deserve the good AND free advertising since they are good; just like Steamers.  My sister and I were looking for a place that served oysters on the half shell.  We drove roughly 30 minutes, to Steamers of Pismo, in order to appease our urge for oysters on the half shell. 

03 April 2013

Skinny Bear Lake

Actually it's Oso Flaco Lake; oso flaco is skinny bear in Spanish.  I have been lagging at posting my hike pictures.  I would like to say it's because I have been too busy but that wouldn't entirely be true.  So this set is from well over a month ago.  The day was quite gloomy but I enjoy that type of weather for outdoor activities.  My sister and I packed some Micheladas and burritos for our lovely trek out to the beach.

***Warning this blog post has a lot of pictures!***

01 April 2013

The Door

A while back I was reading a blog post about everyday things that make you think, "Why?"  It made me think of my everyday thing that I wonder about.  Really it's not everyday for me, it's more like every time I visit my sister.

At the end of the street she lives on there is a two-story house with a door that leads to nothing.  Every time I drive by I want to know why.  I always intend on stopping to get a picture of it and Saturday I finally took the time to stop.  

I would imagine if a sleepwalker lived in that house it would be his demise.  Sleepwalk right out of the house and kersplat!

And on an unrelated note; Darth Vader reads the bible.  Now I am off to search Youtube in an effort to find clips of Star Wars with bible verses dubbed in.

The things you find in thrift stores...