17 April 2013

Pet Peeve Number 5,304,239

Okay well maybe not that many, but I am sure this single complaint of mine takes up the majority of my five million plus AND counting peeves:

God damned unattended children.

Not just any unattended children.  Unattended children in stores specifically.

If I was a cart pusher, which I am not because it makes it harder to maneuver through isles, I would probably be in jail for mowing over children.  My intent is to get in, get stuff, get the hell outta dodge.

I often times find myself trapped looming over a brain-dead four year old, drooling and in my way while parents are reading labels or what have you.  Or what's worse the damn hell spawn are running a muck in the store because their owners don't care.  

The other day I popped into the store for a few items.  One being located on the opposite corner of the store *shudder*.  So I am making the mad dash to the dairy section when I spot 2 kids in a cart, unattended.  One of the kids is in the cargo part of the cart and emptying the contents of a cooler into his cart.

As I breezed by I shook my head in disgust noticing no one was around.  On my way back from the dairy section I notice the two kids are STILL there, STILL unattended!  I slowed down, looked down each isle as I passed.  Not a single soul!  So, I decided to stop right in front of them.  No I didn't assume custody of the little snot monsters!  I whipped out my phone to take pictures!  How can I tell a story without a visual right?  Plus if the parents showed up and gotten mad I could have told them to piss off before calling Child Protective Services with evidence.

I didn't stay any longer than to take the photos and peer down the isles to see if these little booger faces had owners.  Growing up in California it's a running joke that people abandon kids at Disneyland.  For the demographics in my community the next best place is Foods Co I suppose.  No one can afford going to Disneyland just to abandon kids these days!

It's not that I hate kids, well not necessarily anyways.  It's just unattended children or ill behaved children really get me torqued.  In this case both was happening!

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