08 April 2013

Review: Steamers of Pismo

I am a fairly easy going restaurant patron.  I don't nit-pick everything to death but I do appreciate good food and good customer service.  I usually complain about how horrible service is at places I have eaten at.  I really should point out the good ones.  They deserve the good AND free advertising since they are good; just like Steamers.  My sister and I were looking for a place that served oysters on the half shell.  We drove roughly 30 minutes, to Steamers of Pismo, in order to appease our urge for oysters on the half shell. 

We arrived about ten minutes to 3 o'clock when they close for lunch.  Dinner is not until much later but they did have a lounge which served appetizers and drinks. 

The server was kind enough to ask the kitchen staff if they minded one last order.  I hate being the asshole that comes in right when the kitchen is closing up.

The kitchen staff didn't mind us ordering so our server promptly seated us.  He took our drink order, we both opted for the 22 oz 805 and he left us to review the menu. 

We knew what we wanted, oysters on the half shell.  We also noticed that it was an item we could have ordered from the lounge. 

So now we are assholes times two!  Sis and I decided not to be full on assholes by keeping the wait staff and kitchen open for nothing and chose some items off of the lunch menu.

Our server returns to take our order and we are politely told that they are fresh out of oysters.  Curses!!!

Our server apologizes for the inconvenience and suggests "Steamers Original" Steamed Clams.  We get that as well as the Beet & Goat Cheese Panini.

So all that was left for us to do was enjoy the interior decorating and the magnificent view.  It was kind of a dreary day outside but I imagine this place is probably popular during sunset hours.

I can see it being a very romantic place to take a lady friend to have an early dinner and maybe a walk on the beach after?  We had lunch and didn't look deeply into each others eyes professing our undying love.

Instead we had a good laugh over how tiny a 22 ounce glass makes our hands look.  If the cup was any bigger I would have required two hands to drink my beer.

As it is, my favorite beer receptacles are the ones with handles.  After our hearty laugh over the size of our cups our meal arrived.  We almost dug into it before photographing the delicious evidence.  I would say based on price and service I will most like come back.  Maybe on a dinner date with the husband, but I will make sure to call ahead to make sure what I want is on hand.  Though we left with the urge for oysters we were satisfied with our meal.  We did end up satiating that desire at Mariscos Ensenada which is a 15 minute walk from my house. 

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