21 June 2012

The Residenz

Not my photograph but this is what it looks like from the outside.
During our stay in Munich I was very interested to visit The Munich Residenz and Treasury.  As luck would have it, we would only have time to tour one but not both.  So we skipped The Treasury this time.  There is always next time.  We toured The Residenz after touring the Deutches Museum.  It was a cold, rainy day and my ankle was at it's most painful during the walk through The Residenz, I am thankful that there were not as many steps as the museum.  I thought my foot was breaking every time I had to take a step down stairs.

I hope you like the pictures I took.  I tried to adjust them as best as I could, some rooms were very dark!  Other rooms had bright lights that gave me some problems with taking good pictures. 

20 June 2012

Happy Birthiversary to us!!!

For those that don't know the mister and I married on our birthday.  June 19th, yes we share a birthday and now an anniversary too!
 One married year down.  
500 hundred more to go!

Birthday number thirty-two and 500 more to go?  
Oh god I hope not, could you imagine?!
Me at 500?  Oh I hope not!

18 June 2012

LINE Camera

Since being back from Germany and looking over my photos I realized my picture taking skills could sure use some work.  Having an iPhone makes it easy to take pictures on the go.  I decided to start utilizing the camera as a functional accessory.  I typically would take a picture of something at the store and send it to the mister or my sister.  I decided I would start keeping my eyes peeled for some nice things to photograph.  I thought maybe I would get an app for photo modification but all I knew of was Instagram.  I got tired of seeing everyone consumed by the Instagram app.  I grew up with orange colored photos and Polaroids, not my cup of tea. So I hesitated before getting any photo app for myself, I had written them off as apps that would not be that much fun or useful to me.  I take it all back now, I found a free app called LINE Camera.  I think the cute overload is what ensnared me!

15 June 2012

Too bored or not too bored: that is the question

Eh it's cut a little short but you catch the drift.  I hope.

My take on Hamlet's speech has to do with the choice to either suffer or take arms.  This speech works well to those that 'suffer' boredom instead of taking charge.  They chose to 'be' bored instead of 'not (to) be' bored.  The question has been asked for ages.  To be or not to be?  Should I stay or should I go?  As Nike's slogan says, "Just do it!"  Or sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.  The world (ok well maybe it's just me) is tired of this:
"I'm bored."
"There's nothing to do in this town."
"I need a drink."
"I need something to do for [insert holiday]."
"I need a friend to go out with me."
"I am in the mood to go out and drink."
"I feel like doing something tonight."

12 June 2012

Just another Munich Monday?

Okay well that title sucks but here is a wrap up of the time I spent in Munich with my sister.  Sorry it's taken so long but I had no idea how many damn pictures we collectively took.  Or how many stories I have left to tell.  I still gotta talk about the crazy cop from the UK that stabbed his brother with a steak knife!

08 June 2012

Sometimes life is a shit sandwich buffet.

And when it does, I am so glad I have people in my life to help me turn my frown upside down.  Lately it feels as if anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  And I will be damned if I want June to join in the ranks of my miserable month of May.

May started out with a crazy woman hitting my car WHILE PARKED as she tried to exit her vehicle.   Followed by the battle with property management over my stove that broke.  They tried to ghetto repair it three times before the manager figured I needed a new one.  Since he was a new manager I decided to inform him that the stoves in the past had caused fires.  Idiot!  So finally after almost a month of no oven, I got a new one.  How does one cook with faulty equipment when it is against the rules to have a BBQ at our complex? 

05 June 2012

Mom always said, "Think before you act."

But sometimes it was SO hard! I think when most people had a stop light in their mind pop-up while making decisions, I think I would run that red light like a boss! Or so I thought until I saw what not stopping to think would cause. I have always been quick witted. 'Quick as a whip, sharp as a tack,' I would always say. Being quick witted is great! But it's not so great when you do not have enough self control to stop and think things through BEFORE acting.

There have been several times in my life where my mind would begin to wander and I would think, "Self, I wonder what would happen if..." Before I could finish formulating the thought, I had already done the very thing I was going to ponder. You know, to weigh the consequences of my actions and all that junk. Suddenly I would find my self in deep doody, saying:

Did I do that?

04 June 2012

Audra's Birthday Party

My niece just celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend.  So I took some pictures at her party of her having fun with her lovely guests.  All the kiddos were really well behaved and seemed to have a great time.  Why wouldn't they?  The weather was perfect, there were plenty of kids to play with and cake. 

01 June 2012

I needed a gift bag.

Tomorrow is my niece Audra's birthday.  I found these neat little toys called Zoobles and I figured they would be perfect for a five year old.  I kinda wanted to buy some for myself.  Technically I could have and then gifted them to myself later this month for my birthday.  Alas I decided to skip getting more because I would end up just playing with them instead of wrapping Audra's gift.  Or worse I may have been tempted to open hers and play with them too!  
Once I got home I realized I had no gift bag or even a box to put these critters in.  There is no way I was going to just wrap these individually.  The packaging would make for a sloppy looking wrap job.  So I decided I would make a gift bag.  Yep, I figured I had stuff around the house to make a bag.  Never done it before and I am so proud of myself I am sharing my results.