15 June 2012

Too bored or not too bored: that is the question

Eh it's cut a little short but you catch the drift.  I hope.

My take on Hamlet's speech has to do with the choice to either suffer or take arms.  This speech works well to those that 'suffer' boredom instead of taking charge.  They chose to 'be' bored instead of 'not (to) be' bored.  The question has been asked for ages.  To be or not to be?  Should I stay or should I go?  As Nike's slogan says, "Just do it!"  Or sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.  The world (ok well maybe it's just me) is tired of this:
"I'm bored."
"There's nothing to do in this town."
"I need a drink."
"I need something to do for [insert holiday]."
"I need a friend to go out with me."
"I am in the mood to go out and drink."
"I feel like doing something tonight."

I am so tired of people complaining about how bored they are.  About how boring everything is unless it involves a buddy AND booze.  Don't people know how to entertain themselves? No; and it never ends!  These people who are bored all the time.  The only activity I see them taking a part of when they are not busy crying about being bored is:
A:) trying to find someone to hook up with
B:) sitting at a bar getting drunk
D:) complaining about work/lack of work
C:) a nasty combo of ALL OF THE ABOVE

I am not even joking!  I can't wrap my head around it.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my time with friends partaking in the nectar of the gods.  It doesn't HAVE to be at a bar though.  And going to a bar doesn't have to be about picking someone up or it being your means of filling your boring life.  You people need to reassess your lives.  First off I think you are bored because you are boring.  If you can't find something to do to amuse yourself, then you SIR are the reason you are bored.  Do something about it.  Secondly, you may be boring because you have become apathetic; perhaps even clinically depressed.  You have no gumption or the will to find something productive to do, so you fill your void by self medicating.  Sure the booze makes you have a head change and it is something you are actively doing.  But when the drinks stop, you still have your boring ass self to deal with.

I have repeatedly beaten this dead horse.  But it's like a zombie horse and it keeps coming back to life!!!  I try to give good ideas to the unending, "I'm bored" statements that have become so common place in life it feels like a cancer spreading around me. No one seems to WANT to do anything about being bored.  They just want to whine about it.  It's sad and pathetic. I am not even talking about just out of high school kids that don't know what to do with their lives.  I am talking about the 25-35 year old people that sit about whining about life talking about the good old days.  You are failing at life my friend and you know what:

Nothing to do today?  You should go sit outside and enjoy the sun, go on a hike, read a book. 
Nah, I don't like the sun.  There is no where around here to hike.  I don't feel like reading.
Sounds like to me you are then choosing to be a bored sad sack.

What prompted the beating of zombie horse again?  Pour a cup of tea, have a seat.  I will tell you all about it and some back story.

My sister and I saw The Fab Four one year at the Mid-State Fair and we LOVED the show.  We were discussing how much our mom would be thrilled to watch them.  We looked online to see if they were doing anything local and don't find much of anything.  A few months ago my sister caught wind that The Fab Four would be performing at The Chumash Casino.  She literally jumped on the opportunity to take my mom.  The plan was for her to take our mom for dinner at The Hitching Post and then head to the concert.  I offered my sister the use of my car for her date with mom.  My car is a bit of a smoother, quieter ride than my sister's truck.  I thought it would be a great bonding experience for my sis and mom.

Yesterday morning my mom told my sister that she has been feeling unwell and wouldn't be able to attend.  I am bummed that my mom is sick and that she is going to miss the concert.  I'm also really bummed out for my sister because she was really looking forward to date night with mom.  This leaves my sister with an extra ticket and a sad face.  So she has a ticket (already paid for) and my car for the night.  She sends text messages to a few of her friends to invite them to go.  She gets no takers.  She posted on Facebook in hopes of someone wanting to go.  Still no takers!  And then this:

What?!  So you feel like going out and are presented with something to do and your excuse is that you have no money (yet she wants to go out? hmmm...)?  But you don't need any money because it's all covered.  And you turn it down?!  Okay you don't like The Beatles but it's a free concert, it's an experience, it's fun, you meet people AND you won't be bored.  Shit I went to my first football game expecting to hate it because I find watching sports boring.  But I had a blast! 

I was beyond annoyed with the above person.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I had plans to go with my friend for her wedding dress alterations after work, I didn't want to claim the ticket if I was not going to make it to the concert.  But after her not getting any takers I told my sister if I got out early enough from bridesmaid shenanigans I would be more than happy to go with her. 

As luck would have it I was able to get things done AND pick my sister up to enjoy the Fab Four at the casino.  We had wonderful conversations on the way there and back.  We were able to enjoy a slight twist on the show we saw before AND the seating was way better.  It was also indoors so my sister didn't have to freeze her butt off this time.  If anyone ever gets a chance to check these guys out, go for it.  They were worth it.  The first time I saw them it was a free concert, this one was 20 bucks.  For 2 hours of live music and an excellent performance.  They do not use music or voice tracks!  The Ed Sullivan impersonator had some great 18+ jokes too!  My cheeks hurt so bad from smiling and laughing.  I bet the person mentioned above didn't get to do anything half as fun.

Zombie horse needs a beating! Bad horsey, bad!
I know I have beat this to death on numerous occasions but this time things were different.  This was a done deal, it was already paid for... all anyone who was bored had to say was, "Take me!"  No money out of pocket, no driving involved; it was just to catch a free show with my sister.  Sometimes I really start to wonder about people.  ***Note:  Any one who could not find a baby-sitter or was at work while the concert was happening is exempt from my rants.  I am pretty much targeting people who are bored because they CHOOSE TO BE.***

Thanks Sylvia for the fun times last night.  I am sorry mom missed the show but I am happy I was able to go with you.  The show was amazing, the drive was shorter and no butt freezing went on.  Our conversations on the way there and back seemed to have come from the same collective mind.  My cheeks still hurt from all the talking, laughing and smiling!  Who needs booze to have a good time?!

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