20 June 2012

Happy Birthiversary to us!!!

For those that don't know the mister and I married on our birthday.  June 19th, yes we share a birthday and now an anniversary too!
 One married year down.  
500 hundred more to go!

Birthday number thirty-two and 500 more to go?  
Oh god I hope not, could you imagine?!
Me at 500?  Oh I hope not!
The mister was in luck this year or maybe not so lucky.  A bit ago he had been complaining of a toothache.  Oh oh, that's a bad sign.  Then he stopped complaining, so I guessed all was okay (this is never the case, I was delusional).  Sunday rolls around and we are waiting to have a few drinks with his dad for Father's Day and I notice the mister has some Two-Face action going on.  One half of his face looks normal and the other looks like a squirrel storing nuts in his cheek.

So for his birthiversary gift he got two root canals, TWO!  Just this last Christmas he had to have a tooth pulled and a root canal.  I am hoping his teeth don't start acting as my personal money-pit Hallmark Holiday calendar.  I know he hates the dentist with all his might but I am lucky enough to know of one that caters to cowards.  So they just pump him full of benzodiazepines and laffy gas, then it is all just nothing more than a dream.  So he is actually liking this dentist, before I know it getting him in to avoid root canals should be no problem.  The only problem is dealing with him when I get him home.  It's like lugging around 130 lbs of drunken, sleepy man that is babbling about god knows what.  It makes for some good laughs for me but maneuvering him to his sleepy spot can be daunting.  I had two scares and feared an ER visit.  He almost stumbled through the sliding glass door and then almost flipped backwards into the bathtub.  I had a good 20 minutes of this:
Except it wasn't 'what's in my mouth?' it was more like 'I have to pee'!  It's roughly a 10 minute drive from the dentist to my house.  So I had the mister telling me he had to go every few 100 yards down the road sitting in my car like a gargoyle trying to do a peepi dance.  Then it was followed by 10 minutes of trying to navigate him to the bathroom and then to lay down.  I feel like I got a work out!

Aside from his awesome dental work I also replaced his old circa 1995 wallet (magazine clipping of Nirvana included) with a really nice Perry Ellis wallet.  I figured his ratty old wallet that looses change had seen better days, so I got him a new one.  I really like the new wallet and he does too.  Check out the old and the new:

He has another gift coming but I have been sworn to secrecy by the MIL, don't wanna step on any toes.  So mums the word!  I think he will be really pleased with what his parents got him.  More to come on that later, if I remember haha.

I feel like I've made out like a bandit!  Hooray for birthiversary gifts.  I am very appreciative of the well wishes.  I am mostly happy that the day went off without a hitch, well aside from the Arby's Green Burrito flub.  But hey, it's my fault for going fast food for lunch right?  I should have stuck to the tried and true bean and cheese burrito I get when I feel like indulging on a cheap burrito.  But no I had to ask what the Super Burrito was, the woman made no mention of rice so I ordered one.  I HATE rice in burritos, it's nothing more than a water-logged, flavorless filler.  Yuck!  Well I just ate the damn thing for lunch any how.  Whatever!  Not letting a lame employee and a little rice rain on my parade.

 I got a gift card for Kohl's, I have only ever stepped foot in that store 2 times.  So I guess this gives me a reason for going there and actually buying something this time.  The last two times I went with my sister in search of clothing for her.
 I also got this really cute Hello Kitty clock that now lives on my desk at work.  I know how to tell time on an analog clock but I know some adults who can't!  That's terrible, how?!  Any how mine lights up every hour on the hour:

My co-workers were kind enough to get me my favorite candy and a cute little birthday card too!  I feel so loved.... and high on sugar. 
I apologize for the poor picture quality.  But there is a gift card to Yanagi's, some socks and a charm bracelet too!  I am really excited about the bracelet since it's the gift that will keep being new over and over with each new charm mister gets me.  

Thanks TBoo for the birthiversary bevies <3

Thanks to everyone who shared in our special day last year!  It has been a special year and I hope for many more happy years with mister.

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