29 March 2011

It was just an accident.

Or like my sister said in reference to being pregnant at 15, "We were just holding hands. I dunno how this happened."


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28 March 2011

I could have died!

Okay the link at the bottom is a little bit of back story…. back in December there was a fire involving some of the apartments that are across the lawn from where mine is located. After careful investigation they found out that the cause of the fire was a problem behind the electrical stove.

Fast forward to Thursday of last week, I get a notice on my door saying an electrician would be by today to check out something. Well as it turns out they are checking the electric stoves to find out if they are hooked up properly. According to the electrician, he told my boyfriend that several have not been hooked up right and that they are fixing them. After looking at the back of my stove (I cook pretty much every day at least one meal a day.) he said he is amazed that we have not caught fire!!! The back of my stove is charred and black and the neutral ground was never connected! So they are talking to apartment management…

Sounds like I may be getting a new stove and luckily I won’t end up hurt in a house fire… Property management is a crazy business and it is amazing to see where corners are cut. I don’t even know what the reason was for such negligence. Here are some theories:

The stoves were installed by apartment handymen who were not aware of how to hook them up properly.
The appliance company that installed them cut corners.
Or IF an electrician hooked up these units he cut corners and sucks ass….
Either way someone wasn’t doing their job correctly and it could have cost me my rental insurance deductible, having to move abruptly or even death!
Santa Maria Times article.

27 March 2011

How to Use Your Camera's Aperture Priority Mode


This is for anyone whose feelings I hurt yesterday... I am glad you are trying to be a "photographer" but it would help if you learned how to use your camera BEFORE saying you are a photographer and that you offer "professional" pictures. I am still not sorry I hurt your feelings, I just want you to learn to use your camera before calling your pics professional.

25 March 2011

Dear Self,

Stop asking the computer what is wrong with it when the issue is obviously user error. You shouting at the computer why it won’t find a name in Exchange will not help you find it since you have yet to create the email account you moron. Next time you decide to blame the computer for you incompetence, please take a step back and pull your head out of your ass.

Your dearest friend,


23 March 2011

It's raining so Yakitori is a no go on the grill.

I was just thinking I have a bit of chicken I want to finish up and figured I would only need to buy some sake to make Yakitori... Then I remembered, it's raining. No grilling for me today but the oven should warm up the house nicely. I guess it's oven Yakitori for me tonight.

I LOVE food.


18 March 2011

Dumb kids trying to look cool.

Haahahahaa, I love seeing dumbasses wearing Che shirts because that's exactly what I think! Pfft damn kids probably don't even know about Che (or Stalin, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh.....). I guess if they think it looks cool it's okay, I guess.

Damn kids, get off my lawn. Get a job!

17 March 2011

Trashing Teens

You tell your kids to act like an adult but treat them like children…. mixed signals anyone?

Check out the article it’s a good read.

“Psychologist Robert Epstein argues in a provocative book, “The Case Against Adolescence,” that teens are far more competent than we assume, and most of their problems stem from restrictions placed on them.”

16 March 2011

This is terrible!

Cause ALL women want to get doused with (fill in liquid of choice here) and have their clothes ripped off....

And then my brother wonders why I talk crap about who he considers role models. The rappers/artists/actors he looks up to and often quotes are the same ones giving the message that all women like to be treated with even less respect than the family pet. And yet he portrays himself as a "player" and talks about "hos".... And yet if he is asked to consider the feelings of his sister(s) or mother even... suddenly he doesn't mean it, it's a joke. Cause being a misogynist is a joke right? Being assaulted and raped is funny right? I am so glad I did not procreate for fear of having a daughter to grow up around this or for having a son, that despite my efforts may be just as pig headed the people in this video.

15 March 2011

What's with kids who refuse to leave the nest?

Good thing I got out while the getting was good. But this article fails to explain the plethora of young adults that have NO aspirations. That are NOT going to school and just staying at home because they are comfortable doing nothing. Or working their dead end job, making minimum wage to make enough money to cover the cost of their cigs and watered down cheap beer. Or the kids that were stupid enough to procreate while still children themselves... I would like to see the Psychology Today article that discusses these topics as part of why so many young adults still live at home.


14 March 2011

Dear strange little Mexican guy that parked in my carport spot,

Please come park in my carport spot more often. In exchange for letting you park there for a short time please continue to provide me with super duper cheap mandarins and oranges. I really appreciate you giving me a bag full of 8 mandarins and 2 oranges for one dollar. They are really juicy and delicious. I promise I won’t tell on you for having bad tags or for selling produce out of your truck with out a proper sellers license. I won't even have your car towed for being in my spot as long as you move out of it when I come home to park.

Your thankful produce buyer.

11 March 2011

My sister got me underoos!

I just wanted to say thanks to my sister. She brought me gifties: Gir underwear, yeah cause we're cool like that. And she got me some Sanrio toe socks that go up to my knees! Thanks Billian, all fits perfect and I loved my goodies.

10 March 2011

Dear idiots that think they are being funny,

I KNOW it is not St. Paddy’s day. Yes I know my beanie is green. I am not fucking Irish nor do I want to be. I lost my last beanie and so I made this one. You’re, “It’s not St. Paddy’s day yet,” comments are not bar har har funny. No you are not being cute. Yes you are annoying me and can you please go away. Fuck!

Ya know come St. Paddy’s I should wear an orange beanie. I shall start making it tonight. No I am not Scottish. But I hope it pisses you stupid Irish retards with your lame ass jokes enough to know not to bother me. Dare you to pinch me… I DARE YOU! >:(

Pissed of NON Irish woman.

09 March 2011


My gama-chan came in the mail today. Woohoo! Now I have something to keep my Earth monies in.

AND…. I got all three volumes of Sol Bianca: The Legacy. I have my watching cut out for me: Transformers: The Movie (animated old school version), Blood +, Sol Bianca AND Naruto. I won’t be leaving home for a while mom.

08 March 2011

Dear Freezepop Hoodie,

I love you very much but I think you have seen better days. I am reluctant to stop wearing you because you keep me warm and you are comfortable. However, Snarky has loved your right sleeve so much that it is missing a spot. And I have worn you so often that you are no longer the red and black you used to be. Please help me find a suitable replacement for you. I promise not to throw you out, I just will be more selective of when I wear you. Please don’t be jealous or sad, I still love you. That is why I need to find another hoodie to keep me warm so I can extend your life in my closet.

I have tried searching the internets masheen for a suitable replacement and have only found maybe one or two that I like. I was hoping you could throw some suggestions my way. Thanks in advance.

Your faithful wearer.

07 March 2011

The Brick Testament

The world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible......done Lego style. I love Lego!


03 March 2011

A Nation of Wimps

"Parents are going to ludicrous lengths to take the bumps out of life for their children. However, parental hyperconcern has the net effect of making kids more fragile; that may be why they're breaking down in record numbers."

As an observer of parenting skills, I do see a difference in the resilience and bounce back in kids that are allowed to explore the world and those that are shielded from it.

Kids will get cuts, scrapes, bruises. Kids will have to deal with bullying, hurt feelings and the normal feelings that come with growing up. Trying to shield them instead of allowing them to learn as they grow makes for teens and adults that have major issues.

Let your kids play. Let them explore. Let them learn as they grow. Keep an eye on them and be their guide. Don't shield them from the world because when you are gone, they won't have the coping mechanisms to make it through life.... and when they fail at life, you will be the primary culprit.

Psychology Today article.

02 March 2011

Today I am Mike.

Mike: *speaking into Hank’s bunny ear* I need to get out of this house.

Hank: *responding to Mike’s bunny ear* Ok

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I feel and why I will be disappearing to la la land this weekend. I hope I can convince my brother or sister to house sit for me.

01 March 2011

Dear California Lottery,

Even though I have never played you, I would like to win. Can we make this a possibility? I would like to enjoy the luxury of owning a home, working part time and watching more anime than my little eye balls can handle. I promise in return to continue to be a productive member of society, volunteer more often and continue to work on my crafts.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Can you provide me with a tutorial on how to play the lottery?