08 March 2011

Dear Freezepop Hoodie,

I love you very much but I think you have seen better days. I am reluctant to stop wearing you because you keep me warm and you are comfortable. However, Snarky has loved your right sleeve so much that it is missing a spot. And I have worn you so often that you are no longer the red and black you used to be. Please help me find a suitable replacement for you. I promise not to throw you out, I just will be more selective of when I wear you. Please don’t be jealous or sad, I still love you. That is why I need to find another hoodie to keep me warm so I can extend your life in my closet.

I have tried searching the internets masheen for a suitable replacement and have only found maybe one or two that I like. I was hoping you could throw some suggestions my way. Thanks in advance.

Your faithful wearer.

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