16 March 2011

This is terrible!

Cause ALL women want to get doused with (fill in liquid of choice here) and have their clothes ripped off....

And then my brother wonders why I talk crap about who he considers role models. The rappers/artists/actors he looks up to and often quotes are the same ones giving the message that all women like to be treated with even less respect than the family pet. And yet he portrays himself as a "player" and talks about "hos".... And yet if he is asked to consider the feelings of his sister(s) or mother even... suddenly he doesn't mean it, it's a joke. Cause being a misogynist is a joke right? Being assaulted and raped is funny right? I am so glad I did not procreate for fear of having a daughter to grow up around this or for having a son, that despite my efforts may be just as pig headed the people in this video.

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