28 February 2007

Chili Cheese Fries Burrito

I love burritos! And I also love chili cheese fries. So this must be good, right?

Someone should have this and tell me their thoughts.

EDIT: It's gross. I blame the crappy tasting faux flour tortillas. The fries were a little dryish and crumbly too. I do NOT recommend this.

22 February 2007

Lookie what I found!!!

This is the biggest cup o noodle on earth. This can’t be healthy for anyone. Sodium bomb!

Oh wow!

I think the computer is trying to tell me something. Something.....

It came from China

It says:

White Rabbit Creamy Candy
Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food LTD.
Shanghai Guan SHeng Yuan
Food General Factory
220 CaoBao Road, Shanghai, China

I assume that the Chinese stuffs says the same on it. It tasted nasty. I can still taste it, it still tastes nasty. I thought it would taste like a Vanilla Tootsie Roll. Boy was I wrong!

19 February 2007

Why do I do this?

Can someone remind grandma that she is old and needs to stop? Stupidness! One of these days I really will get hurt. My elbow is all messed up too.

Oh! I got new shoes too. Osiris freebies again. I should write them a thank you note.

17 February 2007

At first it was just a funny picture... but there's more to the story!

Did you know assumption can make an ass outta you an’ me? Yes, I did. I got this via email and I thought it was just a funny picture. Well aside from it being totally cute and making me want to rub wieners hehehehe; it’s something highly inappropriate (not to me though). Yeah, so here is hint# 3721 on how to get your co-workers in trouble:

Take a highly offensive (or slightly if your job is super snooty) picture and strategically place it in someones cube. *Behind the keyboard tray as illustrated works well.* Then wait for so-and-so to take a day off or call out sick. While attending to the absentee’s duties, suddenly “find” said offensive picture. Then proceed to tell everyone in the vicinity how offensive it is and then have a supervisor see it. Complain about how offended you are to any one who will listen. Then when the absentee gets back to work they get in trouble!

Now as a disclaimer. It’s not nice to do what is listed above because its rude. Also if you have a union job and the absentee says it is not theirs. And the absentee decides to bring union attention to the issue at hand BEWARE. Your plan may backfire. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the “As The High School Turns” saga. Absentee FTW!

Really it's amazing what people do in an attempt to get someone in trouble. Really it's more work than it's worth.

EDIT: In conclusion, the absentee did not get in trouble. The person that complained was asked what he/she was doing searching under the desk BEHIND the keyboard tray to begin with. Moral of the story: Don't fuck with people! It will come back to bite you in the ass.

15 February 2007

Candy from afar.

So this is the latest and greatest in foreign food stuffs. So from the looks of the box, I assumed… there I go assuming again, that inside this tiny box would be chocolate covered coffee beans. But NOOOOO! Wait! It gets better! Inside the chocolate that has somewhat of a coffee bean shape (it has the little coffee bean crease) is more chocolate. But it’s coffee flavored. So here is what the candy and it's box look like. But the coolness doesn’t end here.So the back of the candy box has little mice with cowboy hats in a desert with cacti AND a camel! And it appears to be a playing card. Like if you have a bunch of these candies you could eventually have your very own strange deck of cardboard cards? Yeah strange and I love it… here is the part that prompted the photos to be taken. The flap that is generally used to keep candy boxes or whatever closed has a green, twacked out, coffee bean eating mouse!!!So here is the second box of candies I ate, not too exciting. But I had to share. These are like gener-O M&M’s. Candy coated, chocolate but without the screened M&M’s on em. Notice the back of the box is meant to be used in a deck of cardboard cards… ooOOOohh laalaaa! The flap on this box has a little dude on it too. Really the second box was not worth sharing as much as the first one. Oh and no barcode!!! So I couldn’t look up the information in the UPC database look-up thing. Weak!

13 February 2007

My food is cuter than yours!

Thank you Niki-LooLoo…. you are the best! And one of these days I will have someone make your food just as cute as you did for me. How on Earth would I live if my food wasn’t cute, bizarre or super duper tasty??? Only the shadow knows!

08 February 2007

They may look cute but they poop a lot!

So they look cute and all but seriously these things caused much of my clothes to go to trash land… far, far, away. Yeah they decided to poop and pee on some of my clothes and it got tossed. Sucks! Any one need snack size faux chicken thingys??? So if you have any throw aways… as in clothes not more animals. Let me know. Stupid animals and their shitting asses!!!

06 February 2007

My exchange student gave me this.

The only English word on this whole package is ‘open’ (and a web address http://www.weichuan.com.tw/). It’s like a cup o’ noodles for kids. It's like ramen noodles with dehydrated veggies and little, tofu chunks (at least that's what I think they are) shaped like piggies. In an effort to find out what it is I went to the UPC Lookup website, here are the results: http://www.upcdatabase.com/itemnotfound.asp?upc=4710063194726

I have decided it came from aliens. Aliens that have little robots dressed as dogs that are in love with piggies. That has to be it! I mean come on where did it come from and where do I get more? No, I won’t eat it, I’ve had it sitting at my desk a long time and I dunno what exactly it is. So no, not until I find a new one and maybe find out whats in it. I think lots of sodium.

P.S. My exchange student was only with me for a week and I didn't get around to asking her more about this Q-cup. It was one of her gifts she left with me, honestly one week is not enough time.

05 February 2007

It never stops!

You know when your brain stops to think and then forgets to start again. Well my problem is the opposite of that. My brain doesn’t stop and it’s unhealthy. Today, well since yesterday; maybe even a few weeks ago. I think something is broken, in my brain. And there are things in my life that should make me happy, ecstatic even but I over think things. Ignorance is bliss, ten bucks says it was a wise man that said that. Only due to dissatisfaction at over-thinking things. Lately I have been questioning some choices, some decisions that I don’t think others would question.

Really, how does one with such inner strength crumble at the thought of being inadequate for another human? The thought that people seemed to have been happy and okay before. And they may appear happy still, even more so but surrounding individuals miss their friends behavior from the before time. The ‘before Susie’ time. And this happens with more people than I care to mention. If I got a dollar for every time I hear: ‘I am a different person now that I have met you.’ or ‘I remember so and so before they met you, they are different now.’ Whether it is meant as a good thing or bad thing, it still stings. I don’t want to have feelings of resentment projected towards me because people choose to change due to my influence in their lives. I want to crawl into a hole and disappear. I think if I was male the situation would be completely different. Or if I was dumb, it would be soo soo much easier. Man I wish I was a dumb guy. Those are what the world is made of, it is what makes the machine work. I am a just a gear with broken cogs, the wrench thrown into the works; the square peg trying to fit the round hole. Dammit. No no, I take it back, I can stay a girl. No wait never mind. It’s easier to sell stuff on EBay when you are male. For some reason men have a hard time buying things from women. I mean come the fuck on, I'm not even a crazy psycho bitch. If I was I could understand life a bit better. Oooh what an idea. Be a bitch, people treat me like poop anyways so then there is a good reason for it. I am just confused, lost, sad and irritated.

I want to just detach myself from all of the relationships I have attained through the years and become a recluse. It might be tricky cause I am a chatty Cathy, social butterfly type. But I am sure I can find enough things to amuse myself solo style. I am easily hurt by people taking my good intentions and happiness and making a mockery of it. Damn people! Frustrations are not good. And neither are hot dogs, broccoli and Guinness for dinner. It is not a proper meal according the the food pyramid.

This happens all too often.

Maybe I should wear knee pads? It wouldn't be so bad if my wounds didn't ooze and stick to my pants.