17 February 2007

At first it was just a funny picture... but there's more to the story!

Did you know assumption can make an ass outta you an’ me? Yes, I did. I got this via email and I thought it was just a funny picture. Well aside from it being totally cute and making me want to rub wieners hehehehe; it’s something highly inappropriate (not to me though). Yeah, so here is hint# 3721 on how to get your co-workers in trouble:

Take a highly offensive (or slightly if your job is super snooty) picture and strategically place it in someones cube. *Behind the keyboard tray as illustrated works well.* Then wait for so-and-so to take a day off or call out sick. While attending to the absentee’s duties, suddenly “find” said offensive picture. Then proceed to tell everyone in the vicinity how offensive it is and then have a supervisor see it. Complain about how offended you are to any one who will listen. Then when the absentee gets back to work they get in trouble!

Now as a disclaimer. It’s not nice to do what is listed above because its rude. Also if you have a union job and the absentee says it is not theirs. And the absentee decides to bring union attention to the issue at hand BEWARE. Your plan may backfire. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the “As The High School Turns” saga. Absentee FTW!

Really it's amazing what people do in an attempt to get someone in trouble. Really it's more work than it's worth.

EDIT: In conclusion, the absentee did not get in trouble. The person that complained was asked what he/she was doing searching under the desk BEHIND the keyboard tray to begin with. Moral of the story: Don't fuck with people! It will come back to bite you in the ass.

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