26 February 2010

Cassie wants to know

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes burned? Heck yeah, I do that all the time. Sometimes the heavy lids get to heavy to keep open and the tiredness wins.

Do you have an online game that you play often? Nope, not for many, many years now.

Are you sitting in a spiny chair at the moment? Yes, the spines are from a porcupine I found outside trying to cuddle up to a cat. So I used the cat as bait and then killed the porcupine for its spiny spines.

19 February 2010

Taking my brother out to eat.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my siblings. I am quite partial to my youngest sibling Ricky. I think he probably knows he could ask the world of me and after a bit of reluctance I would gladly hand it over on a silver platter with cherries on top. But hey, what kind of person would I be for hating the baby in the family? I already know the answer to that one... another story, another time.

I digress, my brother wanted me to take him out for some ramen. So of course I agreed but as payment he had to eat a whole glob of wasabi at once!
Giant ball of wasabi ^^ he tried to wash it down with hot tea. FAIL! So he had to run to the bathroom to probably spit it out, dry his tears and wipe his boogery nose. Even after the bathroom he was still crying. I wonder how he enjoyed his ramen?

I think he enjoyed his dinner. I really need to either upgrade to a phone with a better camera or just start carrying my camera with me. These pictures are terrible!

16 February 2010

I think my brain lives in another reality.

The person on the left there is Susie, she lives on Earth. But I am afraid to report that her brain lives in an alternate universe.

[08:56] susietron5000: so wheres the bday party?
[08:56] nemo470: saturday
[08:56] nemo470: at a mexican resteruant
[08:58] susietron5000: do they serve booze?
[08:58] susietron5000: or just food?
[08:58] nemo470: its byob
[09:00] susietron5000: at a restaurant?! what? thats crazy awesome!
[09:00] nemo470: lol
[09:00] nemo470: where else would they have byob?
[09:01] susietron5000: there is not one place that i know that lets you byob except for 2 restaurants… and you can only take wine and they have a corking fee.
[09:01] nemo470: oh
[09:01] nemo470: yea i can bring whiskey or beer or wine
[09:01] susietron5000: wtf?! i am going where you are NOW!
[09:02] nemo470: cool if you get here by saturday you can come to my party
[09:02] nemo470: :)
[09:03] susietron5000: hahahaa i need to go out there. stupid dui and taking all my earth monies
[09:03] nemo470: lol you have space money?
[09:04] susietron5000: yes
[09:04] susietron5000: for when i build my space helicopter
[09:05] susietron5000: i will use it for refueling and snacks
[09:05] nemo470: now you didnt buy it from somone on the street did you?
[09:05] nemo470: cuz most likely that is lsd
[09:05] susietron5000: and the space cantina
[09:05] susietron5000: no way dude i got it from the space banana bank down the street
[09:05] nemo470: lol

13 February 2010

Straight from New Zealand!

I got an awesome little gift last night. It's a bone carving from New Zealand, it means friendship and growth in Maori. :D Squeee for awesome giftys!!!!!!